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  1. DIY meterbridge for Soundtracs Topaz project 8 -32ch
  2. Shorty's Custom Console - The SMC9600
  3. Tube Amp Problem
  4. Samson S Phone ...noisy
  5. Question for the amp/electronics gurus
  6. Cassette tape motor speed issues.
  7. G uitar without an ouput jack ground?
  8. A3440 head alignment.
  9. Arduino controller surface?
  10. Looking for a XLR barrel connector
  11. Tweed Champ clone - problem
  12. Acoustic amp... not recording, but...
  13. Tube suggestion for ART TPS-II
  14. 9v power adapters read 12-13v
  15. Word to the wise
  16. Word to the wise II
  17. Would this work?
  18. DIY Talkback tech advise needed
  19. MK219 headbaskets.
  20. Electric string winder
  21. Upgrading TL072 op amps with the TI TLE2072?
  22. Making speaker cabinets.
  23. Golden Ages MK II Passive Ribbon Mic Mods/ Suggestions?
  24. Preamp input impedance.
  25. Rework Fender Champ 12
  26. Clock Noise on my Electro Harmonix Poly Chorus, is there a mod?
  27. DIY microphones Where do i start
  28. What Caps to use for fixing up vintage solid state amp.
  29. opening an AKG CK61 ULS series capsule
  30. "What's that board in the corner?"
  31. Pultec or 1073 clone
  32. Classic API VP25 Build Thread (pics inside!)
  33. stupid question
  34. Help with Tascam M50 Mixer
  35. Recap cost
  36. DIY schematics ressource
  37. OK this ought to be fun: gutting a DMPA
  38. Uh oh. I screwed up my Apex 460
  39. DIY EQ suggestions?
  40. Vintage Dukane Mic Mod
  41. Speaker Cabinets
  42. Guitar Cab Isolation
  43. Has anyone tried a 12AV7 in an Apex 460 (Alctron HST-11a?)
  44. DIY Reverb unit
  45. Wireless Pedal Board
  46. Old console modules in a Mac Pro case.
  47. SM57 transformer removal HELP
  48. Connectors
  49. Connectors
  50. anyone know how to repair a tuner machine, tuning gear?
  51. I need some advice on getting into DIY projects
  52. Yamaha AW1600 playback radically kaput..help plz.
  53. diy reamping box
  54. MXL 990 Mod Comparison/Shootout
  55. capacitor question
  56. Digitech JamMan Stereo JML2 - switch swap...anyone else thought about doing this?
  57. UK to US mains adapters.
  58. DIY Vibrato (pitch not tremelo effect)
  59. Wharfedale EVP-15P - Innards Broken, Can I Build Own?
  60. Moog/realistic MG-1 wooden sides.
  61. MXL 2006 mod
  62. Blue Shower (Fader Lube, Whatever you call it)
  63. MXL 2001 "U87" front end mod
  64. DIY spring reverb from reverb tank
  65. Attempt to upload MXL2001 mod pictures
  66. Modding a MXL V63M. Help me please.
  67. 6N3 'HiFi Buffer Preamp' = inexpensive tube preamp
  68. Modding a Maxi Mouse Amp
  69. Converting bipolar 12v to single pulse.
  70. Revox A77 wired remote control unit
  71. Looking for somewith exp to mod my profire 610(op amp upgrade)
  72. DIY Shotgun Microphone (with in-built shock mount)
  73. Need Diode recommendation on cheap, defective Epiphone Distortion Pedal
  74. Mic problem
  75. Every once in awhile
  76. HST-11a (aka Apex 460) Mod starting
  77. Homebrew pickup winder
  78. AD192 Card compatible with Presonus VXP preamp?
  79. Got some rockwool today.
  80. SM56 cartridge replacement and repair.
  81. DIY distortion pedals.
  82. any nice cardioid electrets?
  83. Roland Juno-G display hack?
  84. who is the amp guru
  85. Studiomaster Series II Mixer Circa 1986
  86. buying some more test equipment
  87. beginners kits
  88. Non-Musical LEDs
  89. Deacy build thread.
  90. heyo amp questions
  91. Resistor PITA
  92. Oil/Water/Sugar
  93. TS 808 build help
  94. First timer Guitar cab build
  95. Conversion of vintage Dukane PA mic
  96. Opamp compressor mod question
  97. dBX 376 and 586
  98. Hand hammered B8 pro "sound edge" style bottom hat
  99. best way to implement 4 band EQ in mixer channel
  100. DIY djembe stand
  101. ZVex Fuzz factory
  102. What To Do with a Toasted BP200 Pedal?
  103. DIY Subkick
  104. Bass amplifier very loud hum....nothing plugged in, volume zero....
  105. DIY tip of the day!
  106. DIY Starter project ABY box
  107. Chameleon Users
  108. Downsized my enormous Mesa Boogie footswitch
  109. Testing a power amplifier
  110. Need a little help with my peavey windsor
  111. which bulk mogami cable should I buy?
  112. put a purple led on my wah pedal
  113. separate head from combo amp.
  114. Behringer AM 100
  115. Parametric EQ build
  116. A few new projects
  117. 1176 DIY compressor help
  118. Cab Sim ideas
  119. DIY IPOD dock.
  120. Microphone carcass
  121. Building a tube condenser mic ??
  122. teac parts
  123. Effects loop problem
  124. MIC Repair Help Needed
  125. SMD users
  126. Wiring problem
  127. Tube buffer for my CD player!
  128. Wireless Light?
  129. Measurement MIC preamp and level control buffer
  130. A couple of my diy builds
  131. Help me with my DIY mic!
  132. Stage inst. headphone monitor + passthrough.
  133. Tascam DR-60
  134. Eagle cadsoft
  135. head stack wiring
  136. Tascam 688 power supply
  137. Need HF DB Adjustment Control - Better Than Stock
  138. Tape Saturation simulator
  139. been fixing me some amps
  140. Bose sound dock erratic volume.
  141. Anyone tried DIY'ing cheap, clean mic-preamps?
  142. Balanced stereo level control / potentiometer / fader or knob or whatever
  143. quilts as sound baffles
  144. Soundcraft Series Two "Dead" - Repair Advice
  145. Stompoxes modified for line level?
  146. Summing two guitar signals into one output
  147. Confused about routing
  148. Speaker---Repair/Replacements
  149. Mic Mods?
  150. Best electronics to salvage parts from
  151. tube preamp mod for balanced input
  152. imput transformer mod for tube preamp
  153. Jargony, terminology, wordy stuff!
  154. Millennium Plugin-Suite (open-source)
  155. 1950s Harmony 8418 tube amp rebuild
  156. Picked this up today
  157. My latest build AutoWah
  158. Op amp newb question
  159. Building Midi Controllers
  160. once again
  161. DIY Music effects. Where do I start?
  162. AKG K240 problem
  163. DIY effects loop with blend (deacy project).
  164. Anyone ever successfully ordered a MIDINES?
  165. 6BA6 compressor (this is totally a proof of concept only)
  166. Presonus TubePre repair issue
  167. Mixer mods
  168. Noise meter
  169. Shotgun Microphone Assembly
  170. Pedalboard Power Supply
  171. VCA IC chip
  172. Insert jack question
  173. Sitting on a Mackie 1604
  174. Help ID'ing Ceramic Cap
  175. Hairball 1176
  176. Modding an Kustom KGA16R guitar amp
  177. Alesis RA150 not working
  178. Fender Princeton pot replacement.
  179. Low mu triode as DI?
  180. building my own high end power-amp for passive studio monitors
  181. 6" Jenson Iso cab
  182. DIY Vocal Shield help
  183. Transistor bias, changing PSU voltage on compressor circuit ?
  184. 1/4" input jack for pcb
  185. What about tubes?
  186. Someone just gave me this.
  187. modded WAH problem
  188. Tube Distortion Stage
  189. Modifying a Tascam Porta07 to output 4 discrete tracks?
  190. which speaker/membran should i use?
  191. How to test
  192. tiny mic pre amp for a project
  193. Easy ACTIVE Ribbon..?
  194. Another DIY Mic: Royer/SELA'sh with a 6AK5
  195. Roland chorus echo on/off switch
  196. Blown valve / burned board. Fender HR Deville 212.
  197. Meet the family. My pedals
  198. Vintage Altec N809-8A Crossover. Change crossover point?
  199. Anybody want to help with a pedal refurb project?
  200. All Star Reverb build thread
  201. Making a Channel Switcher
  202. Iso Cab Mic questions
  203. DIY Reference Monitors: How to solder for DUAL connections?
  204. Desoldering properly
  205. DIY Service on a Soundcraft Ghost Console
  206. 3P3T stomp switch?
  207. I bought a multimeter. What now?
  208. Guitar EQ pre/post pedal chain
  209. Alternate speaker enclosure
  210. M-Audio BX5a pair with one bad tweeter - Need advice
  211. LED help
  212. Trident Audio Series 8T PSU
  213. DIY repair on old ART effects processor with a BUZZ
  214. Presonus MP20 with a finnicky power switch
  215. Question on pots
  216. Phantom power short - preamp repair - fire studio mobile
  217. Special TRS adapter Wiring for A&H ZED 22FX F/SWITCH FX MUTE 1/4" socket for Aux;
  218. Building an electronic marimba with triggers - Need advice please
  219. Ampex 350 $ 400 input transformer
  220. does a valve mic capsule work on a phantom power mic??
  221. The Alice mic - profect , firts time i do this
  222. Home made software FreqGen using midi to generate frequencies for medical purposes
  223. Repairing Sennheiser 280 pro
  224. Les Paul Refinish Job
  225. Handmade microphones
  226. Power Supply help - synth - Kawai DX900
  227. Repair mic from microphone-parts for money?
  228. What's your favorite DIY preamp?
  229. Playing sound through a piezo pickup
  230. Restoring old headphones DIY and CHEAP
  231. What about DIY pedals? Any "trusted" resources for kits?
  232. please delete
  233. Reverse engineering circuits
  234. Who wants to talk about mains hum?
  235. Capacitor polarity?
  236. Stupid question regarding stereo input jack for DIY pedal...
  237. Fixing dead channels in Soundcraft Two Series
  238. PNP pedals mixed with NPN pedals on a 1 spot daisy chain?
  239. Pedal board power supply............
  240. How to drain SFX from audio tracks?
  241. Speaker L-pads
  242. RF interference - in the pedal or in the guitar?
  243. Do you have hearing aid ideas for my grandma?
  244. pedal PSU buzz...again
  245. switch issue? this is a new one for me...
  246. DIY Tape-delay problem
  247. Alesis 3630 VCA mod THAT2180 or THAT2181?
  248. SM57 impedance cable mod, 48v OK?
  249. Mixer Headphone Jack Re-location
  250. Digitech RP255 Mod