Soundcraft Spirit 32/8

Slouching Raymond

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Just looked at some pictures of it - nice mixer.
Never seen one in the flesh, but I have removed a few end cheeks in my time.
It has either screws on the outside pointing in, or screws on the inside pointing out.
I'd open it up and take a look.


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Hi Raymond.

Thanks do much for that. They must be on the inside then! Guess I'll have to carefully take it apart.

Will try the bottom first, otherwise, I'll have to take all the knobs off the top first!

I'll let you know how I get on.

Thanks again.



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I've not seen one either but the internal fixings could be screws or nuts on captive bolts (my guess M5) and the best tool would be a ratchet socket with 1/4" drive. You can get these here from RockBottom type shops very cheaply. Not strong enough for car work but plenty so for 'tronics.

If you DO have to de-knob the mixer, need I tell you to take multiple photos first? And, I don't know if that particular mixer uses an outboard PSU but if so I think you will find they are a bit feeble and not easy to replace? In short, take some voltage readings while it is working so that you can build/have built a new one.

Lastly, if Mr Sweetbeats has ever been afront one you will have a good friend there!