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Hi there, I found this site and your profile by doing a google search for KMD apps. I was wondering if you could help me diagnose what is wrong with my amp. The dirty Chanel works fine, but when I switch to the clean Chanel the light comes on but no sound. It’s a KMD GS90D.
I'm sorry, but I'm not going to be much help. I haven't seen the inside of one of these things in 35 years. Since I was doing warrantee repairs, all I would do was swap boards until it worked. I never did any component level diagnostics or repair.
Sorry I can't be more help, but a competent tech should be able to figure it out.
No worry’s man. Thanks for taking time out of your day to respond. Have a good one.
Hi Matty, Im trying to replace the belt on my Tascam 564 minidisc, but am really struggling to get the belt round the wheel. How did you do yours, thanks Mike
Hey man, how are you and the family? I have been in the dark ages forever, hope all is well.
Howdy there stranger!

'Dark ages' huh? I hope that just means you were busy with your life and forgot about silly things like chatting on this forum!

All is well with my family so far. A bit of aging and social chaos around us, but otherwise trying to do it as gracefully as can be expected. :giggle:

How have you been? Still above ground it seems, so can't be to bad right?

Cheers brother!

Hi, wanted to follow up on a post you made about the Ithaca-Agincourt recordings, I love the sound of those records and am so curious as to what your "notes" are on the equipment used. Especially if you know what microphones they employed!
Thanks! I have no idea what they used and I don't want to resume a 10 year old email exchange, but might be possible to identify them from the booklet photos in the Cherry Red/Grapefruit reissue but I'm not really an expert on microphones. I do remember reading that they used a carbon granule telephone mic as a special effect on the Alice album (the distorted vocals on 'The Walrus and the Carpenter').