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This is an excellent website you have got here. There is one of the most beautiful and fascinating websites I have ever seen. It has truly been an absolute pleasure visiting your site. It is a pleasure to have you on board and thanks for sharing your blog site with us - it is greatly appreciated.
I noticed you are good at AW-4416 issues.
Dead battery, so I had it micro soldered.
Now the time code reads the correct day and month, but 1985 is the current year. Since the hd was pretty full, I formatted the drive. When I tried to record it seems to show tracks in blue, but no playback volume is evident. I’m at a loss as to how to solve this problem.
Hello acoustic. I have read some of the forum about the Tascam MSR-24. I was am trying to reseat the cards but they seem stuck. Last seen 2008 though. Are you still around? Thanks.
Hello Jack101. I have some questions about the Tascam MSR-24. I know you have been last seen in 2008. Are you still around man? Thanks.