Information panel where passers-by can leave video messages by holding a button?

Tobias Claren

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Is there a possibility to give passers-by the opportunity to hold a button on an information sign and leave their opinion about the poster?

Which technology would be suitable?
I don't want passers-by to be able to run a recording indefinitely. Even a time limit on the recording would only be a stopgap measure.
And a tape recorder (recording by power supply) is too old-fashioned for me, and lacks video.

A phone number to a free online answering machine doesn't have video either. And it's a bigger hurdle to leave a message.
People without cell phones, people without mobile flat rates, etc. etc. etc.

If there was an app for that, that would be a possibility.
I could connect a wire to the location of the button, and put it on the surface of the showcase under a metal tack. That should work very well.
But I don't want to show the smartphone in public.
Even if it was a used smartphone for, say, $15.
And if the screen is constantly running, it costs battery energy unnecessarily.
Is there a "hack" for Android (root would be no problem) that makes the screen turn off without putting the apps into standby?
If necessary, software that makes the image black.
Like a screensaver. Then I must, if necessary, take a device with AMOLED.
There would be a screensaver that shows black image, of course, also useful to protect the screen.

There was a doorbell that had a camera hooked to it. It took your picture and then if nobody was home , let you leave a voice message.

Look at the doorbell products that include camera systems.
@ LazerBeakShiek

Why no video?
I don't want to archive the recordings unused on the hard disk, but use them in a YouTube video, for example.
YouTube is a visual medium.
And it is certainly not easier to realize a digital audio recording of this kind than an audio/video recording.

No, not a "physical item", a poster. Text, graphics, etc..
How is something like that "vanity"?
E.g. a provocative quote or text.
And passersby (most of whom might think it's bad) are allowed to give their opinion.
It's like a website with article and comment function, but on the street.

Could be considered as a kind of art.

@ Ponder 5

"Aren't these called answering machines?"

Yes, but local and with video. And if possible by pressing and holding a button (If necessary, also a certain duration).
I'm not aware of anything like this.
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