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  1. Took your advice - 2nd Attempt Drum Cover - Limelight
  2. How's this drum track?
  3. where to place cymbal hits?
  4. Zoom MRT-3b malfunction
  5. how to get the loud dry snappy loud crack on a deeper snare drum?
  6. tuning drums is my kryptonite...
  7. All drums double triggering. How to prevent this?
  8. Custom drum midi tracks online - any business?
  9. Need some help with the volumes of this drum track please :)
  10. Can't find EZDrummer on Cubase LE5.
  11. Recording drums with 2 mics
  12. HR Songwriting Contest #2 - Vote Now in the Songwriting Forum !
  13. Tuning bass drum for fast double bass.. ?
  14. If I was a drummer and had money...
  15. Drum Recording - Noise Gates
  16. Addictive Drums software ???????
  17. Portnoy replacement auditions...
  18. Paintin em
  19. (Natural) disasters ever taken anything from you?
  20. Decent sound with recorderman mic positioning.
  21. How NOT To play drums. Is this serious? Funny Crap!!!
  22. whats the deal with drum samples?
  23. Question about recording levels.
  24. Got A Line 6 Ux2 interface,which way is the best for recording drums?
  25. need help tuning the kick drums (double bass) - inconstant tones
  26. new here, so post of YYZ cover
  27. e-drum + superior drummer + cubase 6 = no sound!!
  28. sample needed
  29. My latest drums
  30. paramore drum samples
  31. Have drums...now what ???
  32. Sennheiser e604
  33. How to record drums on a budget?
  34. Looking for a electronic set of drums
  35. Mic placement for acoustic drum kit
  36. Dual Zone/Dual Trigger pads
  37. The TRUTH About Coffee-Can Method Of "Holeing" Kick Drum Reso Heads
  38. Best virtual drummer w. individual tracks for each piece oif ki?
  39. Addictive Drums software on sale
  40. mic clips
  41. Should I get EZdrummer or Addictive Drums?
  42. What is your favorite drum machine for recording?
  43. snare crap
  44. Does a Marching Band Bass Drum Make A Good Kick Drum?
  45. Could you tell me if you like this drum sound?
  46. Online Drum Tracks
  47. jazz drum recording
  48. Subsititue hi-hat chain
  49. Drums/cymbals in slow motion
  50. Using one 'overhead' in conjunction with close drum mics.
  51. Using Pro-Mark Hot Rod Sticks to record...
  52. Confused about proper kick drum spring tensioning
  53. kick drum output
  54. Hip-Hop Brushes?
  55. Vicarious drums
  56. Drum Recording tips
  57. Drum machine or sampler?
  58. Help With Drums Required
  59. Electric Drum Recording Question
  60. triplets are doing my head in :(
  61. Recomend a decent studio kit in my budget.
  62. Drum Mic Setup/System
  63. Drum Recording in a Garage
  64. Weird drum mods
  65. Anyone have info about Siel MDP-40 or Suzuki RMP-40 Drum Machine / Synth?
  66. Found by accident: Hard hitting "in your chest" beat.
  67. Help Me Pick an E-Kit
  68. Miking drums for a live performance
  69. ukko contact mics, Anyone ever used them?
  70. Audio interface for cajon
  71. Drum Recording...I Must Be Doing Something Wrong!
  72. I need a basic "virtual drumming" primer
  73. trigger lead question
  74. Cymbal recommendations?
  75. Drumkit From Hell
  76. good, cheap all-purpose crash?
  77. Alesis DM6 - different configurations for sale?
  78. QOTSA/Dave Grohl No One Knows Drum Cover
  79. Electronic Drums
  80. Anybody use MDrummer Large?
  81. real drums, electric drums, or button pushing?
  82. Ahead drumsticks, your thoughts please
  83. Please check out my amateur recording, I am looking to improve AND upgrade!
  84. Roland SPD-S
  85. quick question~~
  86. My Generation
  87. Drum along to MuteMath Blood Pressure
  88. Hot articles on the internet
  89. why NOT use 2 mics for snare?
  90. Interactive drum machine
  91. RIP Freddie Gruber
  92. alesis percpad help
  93. Compression on drums mixed to one track
  94. Free tutorials videos on how to record drums
  95. Reso heads
  96. Recording Bass Drum that has a KickPort
  97. MIDI controler for drums
  98. Anyone use Drumcore And Roland td-4 together?
  99. Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz
  100. Anyone know good drum software that is compatible with Reaper?
  101. Just switched to Audix D-series mics
  102. Okay I got Addictive drums..Latancy though..
  103. Please help, drumtracks anyone?
  104. drumming floor/surface
  105. Behringer ADA8000 & dbx 1074 - Ideal Drum Rack?
  106. 3 kick mics for you to hear (if you want)
  107. Ghetto Drum Triggers
  108. Upgrading or Hot-Roding Cheap Drum Sets- Please Contribute
  109. Anyone be interested in collaborating by writing a drum track for a Djent/Progressive
  110. How to get that open, ringy kick drum?
  111. Kids Rubbin' Elbows With Rich, Kruppa, Morello and Roach- How Cool!
  112. Free HQ Snare sample from me.
  113. E Drums producing unwanted sounds
  114. E drums (again)
  115. Any thoughts on SONOR ESSENTIAL FORCE BIRCH
  116. The GRETSCH RENOWN MAPLE ROCK SET - recording, gigging
  117. Recording a Sonor Basswood kit
  118. I want to start recording drums at home!
  119. Pearl Vision Concord with all toms
  120. Elecktric drum recording help.
  121. to Add or Subtract?
  122. cymbals AHHH!!!
  123. Easier Kit/Song Selection DTX 900 & CPU Program?
  124. MIDI to DR-670, noob question
  125. New drum tuner.
  126. Recording each drum individually and then playing them like a drum machine
  127. Electro-Voice Kick Dum Mic?
  128. Best YouTube drummers?
  129. Help my drummer play to a click track!!!
  130. Bass drum tuning
  131. Mapex Saturn Coming Soon, Advice Please
  132. Need ideas on how to repair a vintage tom
  133. Kick and Snare sample for your arsenal!
  134. Paid for midi loops
  135. Single AT 4040 for overhead mic'ng?
  136. Pearl Eliminator double pedal....... Good bye!
  137. Free Snare
  138. Free snare samples
  139. Overhead reflection filter
  140. Cymbal Choice, please help, opinions please Im so confused
  141. does your throne do this?
  142. taming splash cymbals in overheads
  143. how do you get that Zed Leppelin sound?
  144. Need opinion - purchasing used snare
  145. Guitar Center 2 Pack Boom Cymbal Stand Sale
  146. mismatched overheads?
  147. Maple or Birch?
  148. micing a Drum set on an 8 channel mixer. Need advice!
  149. How to multi channel record drums!
  150. Drums need to sound real.
  151. Moon The Loon
  152. Getting a good kit sound with limited mics
  153. Recommend a decent Drum Machine App for iPhone
  154. Best real drum software with sequencer?
  155. boing sounds I guess this counts as percussion
  156. Name that drum set -
  157. Search: 'Plug-ins' = Gazillion posts and No answers
  158. New member first post
  159. Buying all new skins. Help me!
  160. Is it necessary to have two overheads?
  161. Drum programming software
  162. Drum Triggers without the "brain"?
  163. I need Drumagog 5 samples
  164. snare sound
  165. Mixcraft with Beatcraft (or) Another DAW with EzDrummer?
  166. connect Alesis dm5 midi
  167. Heavy Banger TYPE Drum Sound
  168. Overhead issue: too much crash!
  169. Need Pointers Recording Drum Tracks
  170. weird OH set up.
  171. Hydrogen drum machine
  172. DFH & Reaper - Humanizing question
  173. I think I found a drummer...
  174. Recorderman OH
  175. Recording drums with bass player in the same room
  176. Realistic Drum Programming, Lesson 1: BEATS
  177. Addictive Drums double kick help
  178. Programming drums via playing "straight in"
  179. Realistic Drum Programming, Lesson 2: MORE BEATS
  180. Steel snares on the cheaper side.
  181. Resonant Head question
  182. Drumset out of wine barrels? Yes please.
  183. How to Stop 808's From Overlapping Each Other?
  184. Electronic drum kit and software
  185. Zildjian Cymbals - Poor Quality Control?
  186. Coolest new product for drummers...TruTuner.
  187. Realistic Drum Programming, Lesson 3: SIMPLE FILLS
  188. Drum Programming Tone Thread
  189. Roland td10
  190. Drum Mods
  191. Put up some pics of your kit
  192. -10db attenuation switch and Bass roll-off switch on overhead mics
  193. New to Drums. (playing)..need a kit
  194. "The Bourne Legacy" Theme - With Drums
  195. One cymbal tarnishes way faster than the others.
  196. Ringo became a Beatle 50 years ago TODAY!
  197. My Pearl Eliminator double pedal ....revisited.
  198. Wondering about Orange County Drums...
  199. First Post - Need advice
  200. Record drums with my mics?
  201. Whenever I think I'm mixing my bass drum too loud.......
  202. Quick note on the realistic drum tutorials...
  203. Anyone use on of these to mount a mic in a bass drum?
  204. Drum shell chop and recording
  205. Roland TD-9 Hi Hat Not Working Using Midi
  206. Tama Rockstar kit, yay or nay.
  207. Drum make-over
  208. My Kit is now finished, complete with monster kick
  209. suspension mounts for my vintage gretsch drums?
  210. MIDI Drum recording. Alesis DM5 > USB-to-MIDI > Sonar X1
  211. Some sound "files" with an Ipod of repaired cymbals...
  212. MIDI two Alesis D4s together
  213. jamstix
  214. Kick: all thud, no boom
  215. The Everything "EZDrummer" and "Superior Drums" thread.
  216. Crotch/heart mic? Who's using one?
  217. Nasty ugly Zildjian A, but kinda cool!
  218. Bonham's Felt Strips
  219. Another Zildjian saved from the Recycle Man!
  220. Free Club Kicks Sample Pack!
  221. what kind of snare is this?
  222. zoom rhythmtrack 123 drum machine
  223. Using a Boss DR-5 to drive EZDrummer
  224. Are real drummers "extinct?"
  225. Cubase to boss DR880 help needed Please
  226. Akira Jimbo Rim Triggers
  227. Recording Electronic Drums to a PC
  228. LDC on Snare Drum?
  229. Links to learn Superior Drummer
  230. Ezdrummer midi files can be used within SSD 4 Platinum right?... Needing some help.
  231. EZDrummer or Superior Drummer - in terms of "ease of use"
  232. Mac compatibility with older drum machines/samplers?
  233. New Drum Heads?
  234. Another zombie cymbal sound check
  235. Looking for a drummer, willing to pay
  236. drum downloads
  237. Recording drums
  238. Zombie Sabian AAX metal crash (repaired) sound check
  239. My homemade china crash!
  240. For those who haven't seen this
  241. Can anyone put a value on these?
  242. USB/Firewire/PCI MultiTrack Recording Interface for Drums w/ 10+ Channels
  243. Audix Drum Mics
  244. Another drum tool that was released recently.
  245. Ringing toms...
  246. Kickport Alternative
  247. Vintage Paiste sweetness
  248. Glyn Johns Technique
  249. Alesis DM6 for a beginner
  250. Ascend Drum Samples