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  1. Sabian PRO series Zombie studio crash...
  2. V Drums Midi Problem
  3. How to record Tambourine
  4. "Muting" Drums
  5. Robert Zildjian Dead
  6. How to get nice fat kick drum for metal/dubstep
  7. How to get a Celldweller snare sound
  8. Live Drum Recording Monitor Mix:
  9. Behringer Xenyx X2222USB
  10. Hows my Room Sound with my new Drumset?
  11. How to set gain in Waves RComp ?
  12. Drums without a drummer
  13. To quantize or not to quantize - that is the question
  14. Drummers who use DrumDial, please share your tension settings, heads, kit etc...
  15. zildjian z pack
  16. Drum library Plugin
  17. Tune-bot settings
  18. The 'Darren King Sound' How?
  19. Ear Protection
  20. Drum Recording Demo Video
  21. Home made 16" hats from two 16" crashes that I TIG welded cracks on
  22. In the market for a drumset... any advice?
  23. Playing live to a click.
  24. ALEX VAN HALEN SNARE sound...how do you sound so awsome?
  25. Tuning tips/tricks for recording
  26. Mono Mic'ing a kit WORKS!! Well sort of.
  27. Drum Recording Demo Video
  28. Best Drum Setup EVER!!!!
  29. Need better hihats for recording?
  30. Buying four microphones on a budget
  31. Buying first Electronic Drum Kit
  32. Setting a side a pack of heads for recording
  33. DDrums
  34. Roland Super Natural Kits
  35. Bass drum Recording and EQ
  36. Recording Latin Percussion Progress? (no DAW) just for reference? help appreciated.
  37. Great Website!
  38. BFD Eco
  39. the sound of air
  40. Superior Drummer 2.0 installation problems - PLEASE HELP!!
  41. Not a topic about who is your favorite drummer.
  42. Free kontakt drum player
  43. Nightmare installing Superior Drummer 2.0
  44. Jason Thomas
  45. Paiste sound formula Zombie!
  46. v-drums
  47. new drum muffling idea....
  48. Pearl Limited edition Chad Smith drum kit
  49. Snare drum rattling
  50. Zildjian A rock crash ZOMBIE!
  51. new drum set
  52. question when buying drum heads
  53. Getting an 80's drum machine sound live, like OMD, Depeche Mode?
  54. SSD4 with Roland TD9 Help please.
  55. can a beginner player record a good track?
  56. Is there an easy way to change snares in SD 2 to one from another expansion/kit?
  57. Would anyone care to post up their stereo drum tracks?
  58. Testing Toontrack Metal Machine drums!
  59. Need help deciding what kind of drumset to get
  60. Standalone drum loops program for teaching - recommendations sought
  61. Help With Understanding Equipment/Tech Choices for Percussion
  62. So I bought an old Ludwig 32 inch concert bass drum....now what?
  63. A drum machine, that you can play pads to an existing track?? No pc, no midi.
  64. Check this out!!!
  65. NPedal - DIY USB Hi-Hat variable CC midi controller
  66. Head suggestions for vintage vistalites?
  67. New section
  68. Help Determine Asking Price for Mint Condition Yamaha Stage Custom
  69. Floor tom rumble
  70. Which pads produce more own noise without headphones
  71. Maple Or Birch
  72. So, you all play like this, right?
  73. The Alesis SR-16, Addictive Drums, and Reaper
  74. Tuning kick drum
  75. Christmas drum kit
  76. Millenium Mesh Head - first ipressions and questions
  77. "Play from the Heart"
  78. Fishy smelling ride
  79. New kick skins...
  80. Best Electronic Drums Machine/ VST or Sample pack for Hip Hop/Soul/R&B/House
  81. Cymbals!
  82. When the red light comes on
  83. Session Pro DD505 with an interface?
  84. Drum Machine Output Levels
  85. Advice please
  86. Floor tom tuning problem
  87. new old snare day
  88. 3/4 time...I love it I hate it
  89. Creating a drum beat help
  90. Paiste's are just too high priced.
  91. Resonant Heads 7 Mil vs 10 Mil
  92. identify type of deep bass drum?
  93. Keith Moon appreciation thread
  94. What kind of a drum am I hearing?
  95. Hudson Drums
  96. EZDrummer 2
  97. Noobie question for mixers/recording drums
  98. SONOMA WIRE WORKS DrumCore 3 - your opinions
  99. Seeking drum kit samples - one room mic
  100. Do any of you have broken (keyhole, cracked) ziljian cymbals?
  101. Hmm....
  102. Best real drum samples.
  103. Am I getting a good deal? $450 for a used drum set
  104. hi my names Jack
  105. Suprerior Drummer 2 asign new samples
  106. Building your own drums
  107. Alesis Dm6
  108. Flooring for my drumset
  109. Finding balance between overheads: hats to cut , keeping crashes under control
  110. rare snare...any info?
  111. Olympic 1003 restoration complete..great pictures
  112. I need some help for my drummer
  113. Vintage Ludwigs or New Legacy set/kit
  114. Alesis SR16 starting randomly?
  115. using drum loops
  116. Steven Slate Trigger and SSD4 super friggen cheap right now.
  117. Would you recommend me a good drum microphone set from Ebay to record?
  118. Electronic Drum Kits
  119. Can't hear my vocals in my headphones while recording...
  120. How can I get a drum sound similar to this?
  121. stomp?
  122. Drum Conundrum
  123. Roland V-drums + Boss Drum machine
  124. Simmons e-drums?
  125. snare head and wire?
  126. obituary - on the floor drums
  127. So I'm looking at modules and triggers...
  128. What the hell happened to my kick drum?
  129. A few questions regarding EZdrummer & Superior. (Velocities and humanizing)
  130. self taught experienced drummer
  131. floor toms near the snare and rattle
  132. importance of multiple overhead mics
  133. Best simple midi drums for Reaper
  134. Do you like to crash ride?
  135. Knowing how to produce drums
  136. A nice versatile snare
  137. Symptoms of a bad drum head?
  138. Lovely drum sounds
  139. Backing up data from DR-880
  140. Drum Mics
  141. New to drum recording
  142. Cheap but good soundind tom mics please?
  143. Tuning a snare-side head with a deep snare bed.
  144. Any way to separate/pan different elements of AlesisSR18 drumline in stereo channels?
  145. indulge me
  146. Drum overhead question?
  147. I'm a sound aficionado, but can't tell what this SNARE might be! "Jet" McCartney 1973
  148. The sound of Parade drums
  149. Any Drum Software Like This?
  150. Expanding the Roland TD-11K
  151. Using 5 cymbals on Roland TD-11
  152. Come on Zildjian. Seriously?
  153. Roland td12
  154. Looking for a new snare.
  155. Can You Guys Critique These Drums
  156. Drum setup for my tiny studio.
  157. A skill I'd like to have...
  158. Dampening a Drumkit
  159. Drum programming software between $150 and $200?
  160. how is this drum sound?
  161. Recording 2Box Drumit5
  162. Need some drum recording advice
  163. Panning A Drum Kit
  164. Apex D-6 Drum mic test on a Mapex Armory Kit
  165. Tension cable design drums
  166. Which is better, drum machines or Real Drummer ?
  167. Vic Firth Dead
  168. Faux live drum sound tricks/tips
  169. Modern sounding drums.
  170. What Time Signature is this song?
  171. Best multi-track for drummers
  172. Drummer collaboration
  173. EZDRUMMER 2 Latin Percussion
  174. Teaching a real drummer programmed drum tracks
  175. Sticks
  176. Looking for drummer to play on my records PAID
  177. Songs For The Deaf Drum Sound.
  178. Which Hi Hats?
  179. Thoughts on an unusual-looking drum mic setup
  180. What mics to use for recording drums in a small room
  181. Is it true that EZ drummer 2 is 1000 times better than Roland drum machines?
  182. Sooooooo tired of fake drum threads.
  183. What's that drum sound?
  184. Improving my drum sound - Turd polish
  185. cleaning cymbals
  186. Comments on drum sounds/mix?
  187. Are Drum Modules/Brains interchangeable?
  188. Anyone got a Bodhran?
  189. What would be some good software to record Electronic Drums?
  190. Anyone read drum notation? I need help with this.......
  191. getting a slack feel in a programmed drum beat?
  192. Song needs drums - Witchita Lineman
  193. Basement Recording
  194. USB Electronic Drums vs MIDI Electronic Drums (Urgent!!)
  195. can someone make this "work song" drum beat for me?
  196. How does Lars Ulrich record such a massive drum reverb sound for The Black Album?
  197. DUMP or Keep
  198. Superior and TD30
  199. Does anyone know the name for this beat?
  200. The Fake Drums Tone Thread
  201. Micophone clamps for drums
  202. Kit advice for Superior Drummer 2.0
  203. Electronic Drum VST? (uh-oh fake drum thread)
  204. Drum track....
  205. demi lovato - lionheart snare sound
  206. Drummers and/or Fake drummers?
  207. Solo Shmolo.......(Video)
  208. Cymbals
  209. Glyn Johns Method....sort of
  210. Can you name the drum types in this recording?
  211. Drum Heads
  212. Drum Doctor
  213. a little drummings on easter
  214. Drum Recording Environment Options
  215. I want to learn drums
  216. Best/fav (electronic) inexpensive drum kits?
  217. metronome madness
  218. New to forums - First Post - Addictive Drummer Question...
  219. used zildjian A cymbal price
  220. A Drummers Dream
  221. new snare time
  222. Looking at a new Ride Cymbal - Zildjian K Custom 22" Dark Ride.
  223. Drum newb shopping for a first kit
  224. Drum recording with 4 mics
  225. Need to identify drums
  226. Need help identifying drum set
  227. Boss BR1200 discrete drums CD
  228. Drum Storage
  229. Cymbals Upgrade
  230. MIDI Drum Kit Recording Velocities in DAW
  231. Cymbal Upgrade
  232. Looking alternatives to the Zoom
  233. Identify drum nachine?
  234. Drummer needed :-)
  235. Will my weak hand always feel awkward?
  236. Making sense of the different hi-hat notes available in various drum software
  237. Snare Samples?
  238. E-drum hi-hat pedal causes MIDI disconnect
  239. What is this Sade/Debbie Gibson drum sample?
  240. New Toontrack expansions
  241. Roland Handsonic is AWESOME for any drummer!
  242. Multipad midi controller and kick
  243. need real drums for old blues rock? tune
  244. My band finally has a drummer!...
  245. 6/4 5/4 11/4 drum grooves
  246. New Show us your Kit thread
  247. I bought a hi hat stand
  248. Excellent insight into recording drums by a pro "Produce like a Pro" Warren Huart
  249. drum machines
  250. Cajon Information