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  1. Greg's general guide to rock drums for NEWBIES!
  2. The Internet's Best Recording Resources
  3. Audio Interface Comparison Chart
  4. READ THIS before posting here
  5. Getting things started with my favorite EQ chart
  6. Free Drum Samples
  7. Free drum samples and convolution reverb impulses
  8. Recording Levels -- a.k.a. PROPER recording levels
  9. Internet Archive: Wayback Machine
  10. Borked optical drive
  11. Using the Klanghelm VUMT plugin to track at optimal levels
  12. Making drum loops sound realistic
  13. Windows 7 Optimization.
  14. My cubase based tutorials.
  15. Free guides for learning different instruments, theory, songwriting, etc
  16. How to record electric guitars
  17. 10 Tips to Improve Your Mixing Skills
  18. Lots and lots of drum software audio examples.
  19. REAPER hack: how to add plugins with your own preset to tracks by ONE click
  20. How to avoid a bad music producer, and how to choose the right one
  21. Audio Myth Buster Thread
  22. Beware! WIN TEN and FAT 32
  23. "Proper musicians only"!
  24. Hold down tape
  25. Tutorial on how to play General MIDI files in Ableton Live
  26. Vocal Mic Shooutout (Under $1000) Commercial vs Boutique
  27. gadget schems
  28. Wimdows 10, diving in.
  29. Multitracks available for practise / remix
  30. CPU Performance vs. Real-Time Performance in Digital Audio Workstations (DAW)
  31. Mapex Black Panther Snare Drum Sample (Processed & Unprocessed) - Free Download
  32. Mixing Tutorials, Reference Mixes & more.
  33. Patchbay Labelling
  34. Artificial Vocalist - Alternative Approach.
  35. Maximizing Time
  36. Recording with Real Church Reverb
  37. Fitting an SSD
  38. Gear Shoot Out site
  39. Dual Rectifier modelers shoot out. need help!
  40. Direct line in verses Microphone to instrument speaker
  41. Free 520mb Steinway Piano Soundfont
  42. Free Acoustic Guitar Soundfont
  43. Mercuriall U530 amp plugin
  44. What studio monitor do you think is the biggest bang for the buck!
  45. To all the music producers, please assist my research
  46. Ableton Stereo balance in sampler
  47. What are your top 10 most influential albums?
  48. Have you come across bands online you thought were great, but had no following?
  49. At2035 and presonus with adobe
  50. two nice lil mixers
  51. Upgrading Mid 2006 mac pro
  52. 1645 Royalty Free Beats And Loops Mega Pack
  53. Triad-Orbit microphone (and everything else) stands
  54. Free Synth VSTs
  55. Vance Powell: Recording Rock
  56. CPU data
  57. Audreio review (iOS monitoring)
  58. testing phantom power delivery
  59. Powered Mixing Desk
  60. Audio equipment specs
  61. Please delete my account already - sent an email to every single admin
  62. Royalties for Streaming?
  63. posting a song recorded in studio one
  64. bbc programmes
  65. High “whistling” noise from my guitar/bass amplifiers in my home recording facility
  66. RTFM! and related matters
  67. Things I wish I learned about audio engineering
  68. Youtube channel on Microphone Tutorials
  69. Fly 3
  70. Signal routing for multi-track recording with MulitMix8, Delta 1010, and Audacity
  71. Sgt Pepper
  72. Low Cost Rack Accessories at MCM
  73. Ample Sound Taylor 714ce simulation VST Plugin
  74. Musicians with full-time jobs..How do you manage everything?
  75. Free Download Of Excellent Convolution Reverb Files from Lexicon 480L
  76. Blown Recording amp/circuit on a Yamaha MT8X. Help please
  77. Are you using multiple monitors?
  78. Uh, album titles && song naming?
  79. Looking for a matching player
  80. Inside the song (logic)
  81. How To Properly Set Up Your Home Studio. A Complete Beginners Guide.
  82. How to use vBulletin 4.xx Software.
  83. A little trick that helps me (with ears adjusting)
  84. Where does all the money go?
  85. Sound on Sound latest issue
  86. PROTECT YOUR EARS !!!!!! You Only have 2 of Them!
  87. FireWire fandangos
  88. Interesting articles
  89. Helpful term glossary
  90. EQ Myths
  91. An observation about 'application'.
  92. My NAMM 2018 experience....
  93. Great Tactics and Techniques From Graham Cochrane
  94. It ain't the &*^%*ng caps!!!!!
  95. Master Class Question
  96. How Important Is a Studio Album?
  97. Itunes DOA ?
  98. Windows 10 "myths"
  99. Do you ever have some days when ...
  100. amp, mics, SPLs picture...
  101. A video about R Stevie Moore, legendary home recordist
  102. Imsta festa (2018)
  103. Do more with less
  104. I'm ready to ban coffee in my studio ... again.
  105. Performance Simulator
  106. Hey! Where's my sound...
  107. International crowd
  108. Ok....Don't Laugh....Dumb Question
  109. Soundcloud
  110. What drives you crazy about tutorial videos?
  111. Looking for guitar feedback recording
  112. Magazines
  113. Just bloody ask!
  114. "Hindenburg" audio editor gets it wrong?
  115. Firefox any users?
  116. Headphone Amplifier Use
  117. Waves free Demo-to-Master program
  118. How to condition your dynamics in time with the bpm
  119. Tube rectifiers VS solid state, ???
  120. 7 Laws of Borrowing Gear
  121. info wanted please
  122. CLA Interview on YT
  123. capacitor values
  124. #You cain't always git.....#
  125. Please test this link
  126. Please test this link
  127. Abject Terror and a Learning Experience
  128. need a list of sellers of audio gear hard and soft
  129. Active monitor reliablity
  130. the demise of Windows 7
  131. Focusrite Acquires Adam Audio
  132. Reverb pedal causing distortion in sound card input
  133. Akai 1720L solid state
  134. Clipping sound. Need help.
  135. Found ... New sound ..
  136. Audio disappears after flushing file
  137. Umc 204 hd
  138. Getting new gear?
  139. Mic technique
  140. Beware this app!
  141. Latency, MIDI and wireless posibilities
  142. piano licks
  143. Copyright & your money...where is it?
  144. Free kit
  145. Going stir crazy? Read on.
  146. Guitar Tutorial for "You Can Close Your Eyes" (James Taylor)
  147. Focusrite 8i6 routing software
  148. Looperman list your Favorite Loops And Samples??
  149. How To Figure Out My Subwoofer Setting
  150. Video Mix Reviews - Interest?
  151. Tascam DR-22WL performance
  152. Lessons learned
  153. The very basics
  154. Why Do Boutique Preamps Cost So Much?
  155. sound level meter
  156. Calling all Podders and Streamers.
  157. Making NO promises..
  158. Jumping the CPU ship
  159. Ringing ears...
  160. Stealing from the Best
  161. Conjoined Works Project
  162. Staying objective
  163. Fun with Guitar Gear #3
  164. Acoustic into a looper
  165. First Contribution:
  166. Guitar Whistling Noise
  167. Analog/Digital to CD or Vinyl
  168. Headphone Output Observation / Question
  169. Comprehensive overview of ReaComp (and compression in general)