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Hey guys,

Often I'll find good reads or useful charts or tips on my free time (particularly while in the lou :D), and I'm sure the same goes for many of you. So this forum is created for members who would like to help each other out by posting miscellaneous tips, tricks and other useful recording or music-related resources. I've duplicated and stickied this thread from the Recording Techniques sub-forum to start things off, as I think it's super helpful.

Again, it's only for relevant material, and to provide a place to post random tidbits that you find helpful, and think other members might find helpful as well.

Those who post something that is totally irrelevant, or post anything that would be instigative, will be warned one time before being permanently banned from the User Contributions forum (you should still have full functionality throughout HR). Same goes for members who blatantly promote their own videos/content (unless it truly would be helpful for everyone) or paid services. If you post links to your site or video and people don't respond, then chances are they don't find it helpful and it shouldn't be included on this forum...

Why have I started this forum?

I'd really like to have this sub-forum be dedicated to finding random useful information that you can read on-the-go or while pretending to work at the office. This forum is NOT for asking questions, just for aggregating useful info and discussing it, or giving thanks to the OP.

We may randomly pick any threads or posts that we find particularly useful and post them on any relevant social media outlets, in which case we would give credit to the relevant thread's OP. Specifically, this is part of my efforts to have members choose what kind of info they enjoy and find useful, essentially letting members dictate what we discuss on other social media outlets. I think this would be far more useful to the HR community than force-feeding content, and I can REALLY use all of your help!

Thanks guys, see you around.

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