Greg's general guide to rock drums for NEWBIES!

Yup, he does. His voice is naturally classic NY lowlife. I've spent a lot of time in NYC, lots of people talk like him and it's awesome.
very well put there.. i.m about to record my first acoustic drum kit in an untreated room.(dining room) ..i told the drummer learn the song ,tune the drums and find your most comfortable drum set for his seating. i'll set up the mics ,only using 4(2 scm, snare and kick) .
Wow ...

Wow great advices! Thanks a lot for your efforts in writting this down! :eek:
Will really use some of these tips! :cool:
First, let me preface this by saying these are simply my opinions and how I do things.

I'm in no way a master on this subject, but I think I generally get pretty decent drum sounds, as do lots of other people in here. Please feel free to add to this and if I said something wrong, blow me.
I have no idea if you still around but ....drums can take the shape of many things - lots of planning and actions - or simply letting it rip with a 3 Mic setup - I agree with your preface - it is all about what you want to do.
Nicely done!

Great feedback for drums. Have you ever checked out Mike Major's how to record drums? It's kinf of similar to your style. You should check it out! Thanks again.
^^^ Awesome book. Highly recommend it! Borrowed it from a close friend over a year ago and had to beg to extend the loan! All the info is up-to-date enough except perhaps the DAWs section ;)
First, let me preface this by saying these are simply my opinions and how I do things. By no means am I saying any of this is “law” and I am in no way a pro at anything. There’s lots of ways to skin a cat. This is just my way and my ideas based on what works for me, but I think it can be helpful for those of you just getting started recording acoustic drums with mediocre equipment and rooms. For the purpose of this long-winded ramble, I’m gonna assume you can play halfway decently, your kit is in a less-than-ideal room, and you have the capability to record at least 4 tracks at once.

You don’t need to have thousands of dollars worth of mics and a pro sounding room to record acoustic drums successfully at home. Sure, that stuff is super nice, but for most of us modest home-recorders, our drums are set up where we have room for them, and we use the mics we have or can get relatively cheaply. But, there are 2 things that should be done without fail. I know I said none of this would be “law”, but these 2 things are as follows: (and so on, and so on - forum 1000-word limit wouldn't let me quote the whole OP post)
And that is why I only do virtual drums anymore. :P I've spent so much money on doing drums for recordings. I even had a very nice Gretsch kit in my music room (that I tripped over no less than a dozen times :-) ) Well that, and I can't play drums very well. The first time I dragged a drum pattern into Reaper, I was hooked. But I admit, for those that do real drums well, (as described by the OP) it sounds unbeatable.