Greg's general guide to rock drums for NEWBIES!


Yup, he does. His voice is naturally classic NY lowlife. I've spent a lot of time in NYC, lots of people talk like him and it's awesome.


very well put there.. i.m about to record my first acoustic drum kit in an untreated room.(dining room) ..i told the drummer learn the song ,tune the drums and find your most comfortable drum set for his seating. i'll set up the mics ,only using 4(2 scm, snare and kick) .


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Nicely done!

Great feedback for drums. Have you ever checked out Mike Major's how to record drums? It's kinf of similar to your style. You should check it out! Thanks again.


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Wow ...

Wow great advices! Thanks a lot for your efforts in writting this down! :eek:
Will really use some of these tips! :cool: