Keepin Time?


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I was watching "Hitsville: The Making of Motown" and there was this cool bass figure that I want to steal so I picked up a handy guitar to work it out.

As usual, it turned into a random jam of various ideas. So I am tapping out four with my left foot, just keeping time, when it hits me that to help with my drum playing skills, that I should be tapping out the beat with my right (kick drum) foot.

After a few minutes of trying, I find that I can't yet get my right foot to separate from the rhythm I am playing on guitar. I can only maintain tempo with my left foot while playing guitar. I suspect with bass as well. I will have to experiment. I will also have to practice tapping tempo with my right foot.

So has any one else tried and/or noticed this about themselves?

I will add that I am also not good at singing a different rhythm from what I am playing and vice versa.
I can keep the beat with both but it's just easier to use the left when the guitar is resting on the right leg. That said I have trouble keeping a steady beat with my left foot while playing drums but have no problem with the right. Years ago I was in a band with an awesome drummer who almost always kept a steady beat with his left foot just lightly opening and closing his hi hat. I have tried to do that numerous times and I cannot do it. I suppose with lots of practice I might get it but drums are not my primary instrument.