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  1. Looking for a PDF Service Manual for a Yamaha QX3 MIDI Sequencer
  2. Cabinet Materials and Dimensions
  3. Using Microphones on motorcoaches
  4. Akg d112 - diy repair
  5. 70's Ampeg B 115 repair
  6. Mod for Teac X7R and other X7 slow winds speeds
  7. IGOR Red board Sontec Clone - need Schematics please
  8. A few of my Pedals
  9. Bird Phaser
  10. Tascam 688 repair questions
  11. ART MPA Gold
  12. Chopping a cheap tom-tom into a snare
  13. Open Cakewalk Bundle
  14. Comfortable fader length?
  15. Identifying pickup wires
  16. Gibsonafied Epiphone
  17. Sound Absorbtion
  18. DIY Microphone kits?
  19. Amp question for the techs/experts
  20. Just finished my DIY studio desk
  21. Some of my DIY gear
  22. DBX 286A Modifications
  23. Rivera Silent Sister Style Iso Cab Design
  24. My monitor stands
  25. Firestudio mobile preamp fault.
  26. Where Can I Purchase Quality Electret Mic Elements?
  27. Large Condenser Mic Element Question
  28. Motu 828mk2 gain pot replace/repair
  29. Antares AMM-1 (hardware) power pin-out ?
  30. Soldering lacquered headphone wire
  31. Emu 1820m Dock Repair..?
  32. Solder Post-EQ Direct Outs on an Allen & Heath SR8
  33. DIY desktop 3U Angled Racks
  34. FEELER: BigUgly multi-pattern MXL2001 "RoyerModish" PCBs
  35. Making a DIY Dust cover for Studio Monitors...
  36. How to connect a stereo monitor to a mono signal?
  37. What is this component on top of my VU?
  38. TrueTone D1143 Radio to Amp
  39. DIY Books?
  40. I have parts
  41. DIY Plate Reverb
  42. DIY Audio Amp
  43. Condenser Mic Innards?
  44. DIY MIDI CC Controller w/100mm sliders for under $100
  45. Headphone monitoring dual sources
  46. Help me choose a linear actuator
  47. DIY bass trap thread - using UltraTouch denim
  48. "Marine-Grade" Baltic birch plywood
  49. 2 x 12 vs stereo montors
  50. Ward Beck T1202 Restoration
  51. Where can I buy Broken Ribbon mics?
  52. balanced ins and outs
  53. Single Sided G7 build
  54. trying to bring this back to life
  55. I am just about done building a Tweed Deluxe clone.
  56. Waml Engineering
  57. easy,peasy power
  58. old piano hacks
  59. Anti-Cat monitor covers -- DIY
  60. Quick question for engineers
  61. Teac X1000R Speed and Reel Size Switches Available
  62. Help with mod?
  63. Decent soldering iron in the US$20-30 range? Do they exist?
  64. Soldering iron wattage?
  65. A Blast from the Past... TnC Group buy Questions... mod related
  66. Circuit board mounted jack
  67. "Chaining" Audio Interfaces - Good or Bad Idea
  68. Big retro drum reverb sound on the cheap
  69. solder station
  70. portable phantom power
  71. Help with part replacement?
  72. 6418 tube DI