Teac X1000R Speed and Reel Size Switches Available


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I too have had to pay a lot of money for the switches sold on E bay to fix decks. Well with time put in for research, I was able to find the same exact switch that is sold on E bay for over $20 each.
I sell a pair of them for $12 and whatever postage is required- In USA that would be $8.45 Priority box. Not some envelope for them to be crushed.
Let me know if you want them and I can also give you some instructions on how to do the job. It is not the easiest thing to replace but these switches are like OEM parts to put in.
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I have also often seen the need to have an adjustment for the different directions on the X1000R or X10R. Well I said one day a guy will figure this out and offer a upgrade kit. The problem is why does it always have to be me.
Well I took a signal off the direction control and isolated through a 100K resistor then into a transistor that switches a 24V DPDT relay. Now when the deck is in either direction and either speed there is a 10 turn trimmer to get the speed exactly where they need to be. These are hooked into where the original pots were at for speed control but now it is possible to put a speed tape on and get each direction and speed within 2Hz of each other. Again this is the way the deck should have been designed. I have not done one for the X2000R yet but the change there can not be that difficult. The X series decks like X3R , X300R, X-7R, X700R all use about the same servo PCB so it would be applicable to all of these.


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