Insulation for musical studio


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I am an instrumental player actually piano. I did a great work for the melodic makers. My all day spends in a solitary room and the room is a bit cool. I don't utilize any type of heater due to the consumption of electrical. Recently I have gone through an idea about roof insulation and did a little search on this topic and found general FAQ about home insulation but still I am confused to choose a long last and reliable type of insulation which will keep my room warm and will act as barrier between room and cold. Any suggestions?
I'm assuming English is not your first language? You're looking at heat insulation? Fibreglass matt is the standard insulation material in homes here in the UK and typically the current amount is a non-compressed layer as thick as you can go - at least 300mm, and often twice that. It's pretty effective, but it's often not as simple. Open the door and your heat escapes - so to keep it in needs good management or perhaps a double door system with air lock between. All these things will cost a fortune - the key feature is how much heating costs - a thousand pounds of insulation is equivalent to quite a bit of electricity - you need to do the maths.
I am NO sort of insulation consultant but, I watched the guys years ago who did my loft conversion and the first layer of insulation, (looking down into the room so to speak) had a bright foil coating.

But, I have read a bit about it and the best insulated house in the world is badly compromised if cold air can get in. The room must be pretty well airtight so, first job is to buy some adhesive foam sealer for doors and windows. Lot cheaper than rolls of GF or lekky!

Does your countries' electricity supplier do a cheap night rate? If so look into storage heaters.