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    No Name Tube Microphone

    12AX7's gain is too hot for mics and pushes into distortion too quickly, which is why 12AY7 or 12AV7 is better. Yeah, that's definitely the Aurycle kit mic. I bought two or three of them. They are the same mic that was sold as the sE5000 (IIRC) and another famed mic (with a different capsule)...
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    Anyone own a UA Solo/610

    Just wondering if you guys think the stock tubes are OK, ot if there's an upgrade that just WOWed you? Anyone?
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    Shure mic shootout...literally!

    A testament to the durability of Shure's SM57 and SM58.
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    New MXL mics - New Flagships

    I see all these new and exciting mics from Marshall (MXL) and I look at the specs, which look good on paper for the most part, and I look at the prices (which are now getting up there with boutique mics) and I think "hey, maybe they're learning and doing something new! Something like - better...
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    e47 Restoration - Finished

    Hey guys, Thought I'd post the final pics of my restoration of my two Soundelux e47's that was part of that restoration project I began more than a year ago. It was part of the batch of mics I recieved from the guy who bought a load of left over parts in an auction. In exchange for fixing up a...
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    Drummer for Avenged Seven Fold Found Dead

    I was just getting into this band. The Rev was a damn good drummer.
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    This absolutely SUCKS!

    I have either dislocated, pulled a tendon on, or broken my right index finger!!:mad: I won't know until I can get it X-rayed. I have it in a splint for now.:( That is all.
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    Time for a new kick drum mic

    Need opinions: I am am trying to decide between a Shure Beta 52, an AKG D112 and Audix D6. I want a nice thwap and punch, but want it to be versatile enough to go from punk to country. Is that asking too much? Which would you choose? Or should I hold out for an AKG D12? Any other options?
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    No midi, no samples, please evaluate.

    I am in the beginning of recording tracks for a friend in Canada via the internet. Though I'm probably not supposed to post this I thought I'd get opinions of the tracks I recorded for him. All he sent me was some guitar tracks and rough vocals to work from. He asked me to do a lot of percussion...
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    Engineering/DIY Question for builders

    If you were to build the ultimate tube microphone today, what parts/qualities would you use? Generic, I know, but I wanna see what people have dreamed about. Any combination/suggestion welcome.
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    Question for Harvey or anyone who has used an M49

    I finally got done rebuilding a Soundelux e49 for myself from the SD parts I acquired. I used a Dave Ulan M7 that I've had for a while. It doesn't sound like the standard e49 that I rebuilt using a Soundelux K47 or a Peluso PK47. Its very round without very much high end at all, though it seems...
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    Quick help

    Anybody know of a sub-miniature triode tube that would be the same as 1/2 of a 12AY7 or similar? Not looking for two triodes in one tube, just one triode with the same sort of specs. Thanks.
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    HELP! Pipe or tubing in odd size

    I have been rebuilding some mics left over from parts and circuits left over from Soundelux. I ran into a road block. The machinist making the bodies got one done for one of the e47 (U47 copy) mics. I bought aluminum pipe that was 2.5" outer diameter and 2.25" inner diameter. The 2.25" inner...
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    Why must my mono songs become converted to "stereo" on cd (1,2,3 ... Last Page)

    Why must my mono songs become converted to "stereo" on cd (1,2,3 ... Last Page) This thread has been closed by the moderators for being too off topic.
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    Harvey, if you are around...

    I just saw an add for the MXL V67N, which looks like the 603, but green and gold like the v67G. I made the assumption with the Genesis that it was a painted version of the 960, which turned out to be incorrect. Any insight to share on this one? ...if you're here?:(