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  • "I found that the 'Spirit' mic is somewhere between a U47 and an M49 in sound. "

    That sounds like that mod to the MXL 960 jacks it's sound quality into a pretty sweet territory.
    I was reading your "Spirit of 47" post regarding the modification of your MXL 960 in Nov. 2007.

    Has there been anything more done to it?
    How does that mic sound today?
    I noticed someone had asked if you could share schematics and parts list.
    Did you ever come up with final "recipe" for that modification with all the component values etc and make available a "Spirit of 47" modification plans for the 960?

    I ask as I am tempted to purchase a new 960 before too long and was curious about this mod should I decide to take the plunge and try your mod.... if you had, indeed, let the process information be made public for others to use.

    Hi Phl-
    I just found your post from 2005 about vintage Realistic 30-1080 condesnor mics:
    I have two of them. Just wondering if you have an opinion on whether these can be hot-wired for phantom power? They are battery powered. The manual says they are rated 1.5 - 12 volts DC input. I am shopping for acoustic amps, one I'm looking at provides 15V phantom power. Do you think this would damage them? Would the more common 48V blow them for sure? (I think there's a photo of the manual with a circuit diagram in the original post.) Thanks!
    Do you have anymore of these K-47 style capsules available??



    "There's 2 ways of dealing with it. You can put a small capacitor (preferably a polystyrene, 2pF to 100pF from the anode to grid, or you can replace the capsule to a K47 style as Michael suggests. Relieves all the sibilance problems and sounds very silky and fat.

    I happen to have access to a good supply of very good sounding K47 style capsules That I will sell for $150 each. $200 installed. They are just like Peluso's, but without the sales BS. So far I have installed 8 of them in my own mics and others and feel the sound is phenomenal! Supply is limited in quantity, but the sound improvement is out of this world.

    PM me for more info.
    “Build a man a fire and he'll be warm for a day. Set him on fire and he'll be warm for the rest of his life."
    I saw you project "spirit of U47".
    I planning to build my own tube mic. Where did you buy the parts capsule etc.?

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