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  1. producer contract/agreement
  2. Which comes first, the music or the lyrics?
  3. Does anyone write christian based songs?
  4. Does anyone write atheist based songs?
  5. most underated song writer
  6. Another Divorce song
  7. All about structure
  8. Song structuring
  9. acoustic guitar chunes
  10. Copyright and royalty issues in my band
  11. Where to get started in song writing
  12. The Lame Lyrics Blues
  13. Do Lyrics Even Matter?
  14. If I want to sell a song...
  15. Stuck with song
  16. Write music first or lyrics first?
  17. Another song...opinions...
  18. Do you consider a song a "song" if you haven't recorded it yet?
  19. Can you listen to my song?
  20. please review this song
  21. please review this song
  22. Share a songwriting tip/trick/technique.
  23. music composition
  24. My song
  25. Free composition software?
  26. Wrote song now what?
  27. Song Temp?
  28. need opinions on this song
  29. New song, would like some input
  30. Lyrics Alignment
  31. How do you go about remaking an old song?
  32. Song Writing Help ?
  33. My first song I'm sharing.
  34. Song on MySpace
  35. Lyrics you wish you had written
  36. First Song
  37. Song im working on...
  38. Lyrics to share
  39. more song lyrics...
  40. Some lyrics...
  41. Some lyrics (translated from an old poem)
  42. How to get back in the groove.
  43. more lyrics
  44. First attempt at lyrics
  45. Sweet Addiction - New Lyrics
  46. New Song - You will be fine
  47. What do you do when you have writers-block?
  48. Here's another Song...
  49. What do you think of these lyrics to "The Gods of Heavy Metal"?
  50. Is this too Poetic...to become a song?
  51. Weird freakin' lyrics!
  52. writing a songwriter bio??
  53. Copyright: Harmonies?
  54. Something to shout about (lyrics input please)
  55. feeling the trends
  56. Who would check my lyrics?
  57. Copyrighting songs
  58. How do you get ideas?
  59. Warped Lyrics
  60. Do your character speak to you
  61. Death and Resurrection [lyrics]
  62. new song lyric
  63. Songwriting question...
  64. Some lyrics I found...
  65. Experienced SongWriters...I got a question
  66. song lyrics wanted
  67. Perfect Songs?
  68. Advice for Songwriters from Country Music Hall of Fame Member
  69. Paper Thin (lyrics)
  70. i just don't know about this song...
  71. New Song in works, let me know what you think
  72. Inspiration Fuel?
  73. I really don't like these lyrics
  74. Song in progress...
  75. A Theme Song?
  76. Blizzard Song
  77. Lyrics for a Song
  78. Whats born first; your chorus or your verse
  79. Theory In Metal
  80. New song could use some lyrics.
  81. Advice on lyrics please
  82. Orchestral Composition
  83. Is commercial success with non-commercial music possible?
  84. Another song...
  85. New song - Today
  86. Questions/Help with music composition
  87. Does It Have To Rhyme???
  88. Right Lyrics, Wrong Music.... Help
  89. Right Lyrics, Wrong Music.... Help
  90. few lyrics, but has music..
  91. to produce or not produce
  92. Do you ever co-write when songwriting?
  93. How much time????
  94. Se-cur-i-ty (A 9 11 song)
  95. that chord
  96. What Inspires you to write?
  97. New Lyrics - Now That I've Found Love
  98. When do sounds become a song or "tune"?
  99. New to music theory, but not to music... advice?
  100. new lyrics; whaddaya think
  101. New Lyrics - feedback appreciated.
  102. I hate lyrics
  103. Anybody be interested in writing me some lyrics / recording some?
  104. Alias or Stage Names for Songwriters
  105. writing an album!
  106. following scales
  107. New song-need comments
  108. Theory vs. Instinct - whats your mix when you write?
  109. Did You Loose Track of Your Foundation?
  110. Some lyrics for you to consider...
  111. Composing (I guess)
  112. Anyone ever heard of sending songs to yourself for copyright?
  113. Song.
  114. Help on song format, please.
  115. Do you believe in writer's block?
  116. Showcase your best song!
  117. Read up on the AABA song structure
  118. Thoughts on these lyrics?
  119. Define What Makes a Good Song
  120. How prolific a writer are you?
  121. Story songs...
  122. Songwriter's Rights and Royalties up for Vote
  123. From the singer/songwriter perspective?
  124. And here is the other song.....
  125. New lyrics. Critiques?
  126. New song... comments?
  127. North Atlanta Songwriters Group
  128. How do you remain original
  129. Does your original idea usualy survive composition?
  130. Ever been afraid to ruin your songs.
  131. Thoughts on building around a line/concept/idea??
  132. song info
  133. me being lyricist vs all the talented songwriters here
  134. How many songs do you know?
  135. Where do you get your music ideas from?
  136. Unintentionally copying melodies.
  137. Want to know if your song will be a hit?
  138. Looking for lyrics writer
  139. More Copyright Questions
  140. Please help me and tell me where you think this song should go - songwriting help
  141. Rules regarding changing tempo mid-song?
  142. formulaic songwriting
  143. Finished vs Unfinished Songs
  144. Lyrics for a mix...
  145. Is there a certain formula for a hit good radio single?
  146. What makes a good bridge?
  147. Re-Writing
  148. Copyright Law...???
  149. 2 Quick writing questions
  150. Music or lyrics first?
  151. Copyright question.....
  152. Co-writing songs, I need help.
  153. Do bands notate their songs using composition software?
  154. Posthumous copyright?
  155. guitar song...
  156. Where Can I Get Official Lyrics?
  157. Ideas for Songs
  158. Please Review New Song
  159. New song/idea
  160. How do you write a melody?
  161. For You. [First song]
  162. bridge...
  163. Writing a song after a relationship ends
  164. Song titles
  165. Lyrics to a New Song
  166. figured I'd try to write lyrics again...
  167. Music Theory question...
  168. Do women react differently to your songs than males?
  169. Sold off my gear for writing
  170. Writing Lyrics for the Music
  171. Are there any truly legitmate lyrics/songwriting contests online?
  172. Songwriter song
  173. Does anyone else suffer from perfectionism?
  174. New song by me "feathers dont float forever" a cute song!
  175. song a day
  176. How to start a writing a song?
  177. Do you compose forward, backwards or both?
  178. The formula for a "hit song"
  179. The Guild of International Songwriters and Composers
  180. Anyone trying to get their songs published in 2009 or 2010?
  181. Can you remember when you decided to become a songwriter?
  182. unfinished song
  184. Songwriter's Convention
  185. Music recognition/transcription software?
  186. A song i am working on
  187. theory question
  188. Easy Free Song Transcribing Software?
  189. New song Please review
  190. We work with what we've got
  191. I need songwriting help
  192. Writing when I should.....
  193. Melody/Lyrics to Music
  194. Some questions
  195. Band In A Box (as a songwriters tool)
  196. Writing a song for my wife...
  197. My lyrics - help needed
  198. I'm writing a song...
  199. Chunks of songs lying around...
  200. Should you only send music to music publishers where you live?
  201. Writing lyrics
  202. Tell us a story!
  203. Rights question
  204. Collab Efforts?
  205. What am I talking about?
  206. What factors make a song "danceable"
  207. How to write songs, when you have absolutely nothing to write about?
  208. how to compose songs?
  209. Fleeting song ideas you hear - how to turn them into a song?
  210. How to deal with writing a crap song
  211. Research on hit songs beats per minute
  212. New song, as promised
  213. What is talent?
  214. Lyrics - what inspires yours?
  215. can someone explain "cadence" to me?
  216. Musically, what continues verse into chorus
  217. where did this song come from??
  218. Composing & chord progressions
  219. Drive Song: Need help on Song writing technique.
  220. help/opinions on lyrics
  221. Writer's block...
  222. Theory Question...
  223. looking to write songs with others.
  224. Explicit title/lyrics
  225. How classical theory applies to everyday music...
  226. New lyrics (tell me what you think).
  227. Actually composing a song?
  228. Alright so I have the lyrics.. I have the acoustic
  229. Some more lyrics in need of readers!
  230. Feedback on lyrics please?
  231. soundtrack composition
  232. What is "the perfect song"?
  233. More lyrics i need feedback on!
  234. Hiring A Songwriter
  235. Writer's Block. How do YOU deal?
  236. Songwriters Guild
  237. favourite songwriters
  238. The order of instruments...
  239. New Lyrics - Looking For you.
  240. First song - You've changed
  241. Frustrated Songwriters Handbook "Lodge"
  242. Anyone Give Me Tips On Writing Techno
  243. Jan/Feb challenge ~ Part2 ~ The draw
  244. Covers: Faithful or Interpretation
  245. How important are lyrics to you ...and why ?
  246. Jan~ Feb Challenge: contributions in here
  247. Lyrics to my New Song - Sin O.l.
  248. New original "Heart Shaped Lake"
  249. xmas toys
  250. March challenge: Record your own song