Song Structuring..


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I don't start with any structure. I write what flows, then let that dictate the rest of the song. Some songs demand a bridge, some refuse a chorus and want a refrain. Some want everything, the greedy little darlings.
Once I have a verse, I make sure subsequent verses toe the line.
I try to ensure that the chorus does something different. Sometimes there's a pre-chorus, sometimes not.
If there's a bridge, I am for something different from both verse and chorus, but related.
I make sure the rhyme scheme and emphasis' remain consistent verse to verse.
Then I go back and fix the trite stuff if I let any slip in.

Then my partner noodles some music on it, if I started with a lyric and not writing a lyric to music. Once it's got music, I fix anything that doesn't flow. Sometimes I write the melody, but I don't ever do the music. I have trouble with a kazoo...

Whatever shape it ends up in is dictated by the song or by the music provided, not by me. If I try to start by dictating structure then filling in the shape, I end up with abysmal tripe. I start with an idea or with a particular phrase and ride along.


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I'm mostly a verse / chorus / verse writer, with a refrain (or two). I've known about bridges for many years, yet I've never pursued their usage - until my most recent creation. Like paraphrasing an earlier comment.. ".. or unless the song demands it.." I've been rewriting a friends song and this bridge just created itself right in the middle of me moving from one part to another. I wasn't conciously trying to do anything - - a very strange experience.

I nearly always include a section of verse / chorus as a lead break - usually for guitar. This may come in anywhere from right after the first chorus, to just before the last - near the end. Depends on the lyrics and melodies.


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I always try to make my songs sound different from each other. For more synth/piano based songs, I find it easy to radically change up the structure from song to song. For my more guitar/drums/bass songs, it can be tough to stay away from the verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge trap that so many songs fall under.