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Something old I recently remixed.
MSR16 Tascam M520 misc outboard gear (nothing fancy)

I like it , but need desperately to get a Hammond laid down on the tune.


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This goes back to 1995, and was a live radio broadcast I did - mixed live, straight to a reel to reel at 15ips - this is that tape dubbed to DAT. The only actual analague recording I have I think. There is a sort of rawness to it, but looking back - at best there would have been just 4 compressors and two reverbs.
That was pretty cool. Tight, rockin, and it sounded good.

rob aylestone

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It was my first live broadcast. Hardly any setup time and very strict time limits, so advert breaks mean I ended up with big cue cards waved in front of the band. Really had a good time, oddly exciting to do!


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Hey RFR, I liked Bounce. The vocals had some of that southern rock, Molly Hatchet thing going on. Adding in some B3 should sound great.

BTW, I gave a few other tunes a listen. Hide My Heart sounds good!
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Thanks! Three of us sang onto one mic. It was really fun. The album is hopefully gonna be released on cassette soon. 10 songs in total I think.


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I had a lot of fun with this. Vocals and bass were tracked on the TSR-8, and for the transferred to the MX-80 for the final mixdown. The 'crowd' effect at the end had some of the voices recorded with varispeed to give more variety. I ended up using 5 tracks on the TSR-8 just for the voices and had to sub-mix them to a stereo pair with the hysterical-sounding one on a third track so I could fade them in and out as needed. Mixdown was done on the A807 in three sections which were spliced together.

I will probably rerecord the verses and some of the chorus vocals later, but I think it worked pretty well as a first go.