Post Your Analog Recordings Here...


Aaah. Makes sense!

That fidelity of the recording didn't sound like an analog mix to me, so your process makes a lot of sense. Use each tool for what it does best.



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3 tracks. My interface has only 2 inputs, so I took it off the mixer. My A8 is so old. The tape tracks don't line up so well anymore. If possible, Im going to get some NR in the DAW. To me it sounded good enough to share. However, is mildly compressed a few times.


Analog is so beautiful. I still love working with tape.
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I like it! 👍🏼 Great playing, great vocals! To me it’s like a electric coffee shop performance 😎 or one of those exotic European outdoor location performances where a crowd gathers around. You’ve seen the videos.

Every thing is Very fresh and up front. I had trouble detecting a bass track but then again it’s way early for me and I listened on my phone.

But, I’m impressed. 👍🏼


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Probably most of my posts in this sub-forum involve advice to steer away from recording on tape unless you're really prepared to invest the time, money and effort to do it at a very high level, so I thought it would be a nice change of pace if I posted an actual analog recording of my own. I recorded this in 1995 on a Sony WM-D6C with Dolby C engaged. The mic was an Audio-Technica AT9400, a budget plastic predecessor to the AT821. It's a live house concert recording of a "world music" trio, two mandolins and tablas.