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    Mix Advice

    Hey fellas, haven't been here in quite some time. I was hoping to get some mix advice on this track. It's mainly for demo purposes but I would like to get it sounding as good as I can. Any thoughts are much appreciated. The download is located on this page The Universe Divide - MixTest Thanks...
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    Blacked out imported Wave Forms?

    We tracked some drums at a big studio here in town on a Pro Tools HD Setup. I quantized the drums on my Pt Le 8 setup (Digi 002) without any issues. I started importing some keyboard samples from another session and the Waveform Blocks in the Edit view are almost completely blacked out. I've...
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    Progressive Metal

    Hey fellas, it has been a while but I wanted to share a new Progressive Metal project I am involved with. We just posted our entire E.P on our main website. Take a listen if you have time. Thanks For your time and feedback The Universe Divide - Home Everything but the drums and one layer of...
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    Lets see your guitars...

    1979 Les Paul Custom. My uncle was the original owner. I've been playing it for about 11 years now.
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    Ear buds/In Ear monitors

    This is for live applications only and I will only be monitoring the click in one ear. What are some good ones in terms of comfort. Not looking to spend a fortune, this is only for click purposes and they do not have to be wireless.
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    Progressive Melodic Metal

    It has been a while since I have posted anything...I just wanted to share some tunes that I have been working on for a while. I am sure some of you have heard quite a few versions of these songs in some shape or form but these are the final completed versions. I recorded everything but the drums...
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    Shallow rack drawer?

    Does anyone know if there is a company that produces a shallow rack drawer? I have an skb roto rack as part of my guitar rig. I was hoping to get a rack drawer to keep my spare batteries, cables, flashlight,, duct tape, things of that nature in but the shallowest I have found is 11"...
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    Octave pedal?

    I am looking for a pedal that will do 1 and 2 octaves up. I am really digging the Zvex Johnny Octave but they are pretty expensive even used. I have a Boss Oc-3 but I just don't dig the sound for this sort of thing. Does anyone have any suggestions? I will be buying used and preferably would...
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    Auto Tune Evo with PT Le 8?

    Is anyone using Auto tune Evo with Pro Tools LE 8? I was thinking about purchasing it for a project I am working on. I downloaded the demo and it installed correctly but when I open the Auto tune window it is like I can't see the entire interface. There doesn't appear to be any way to maximize...
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    absorber/trap question

    I picked up 12 boards of OC 703 yesterday to begin treating my room that serves as my home studio and rehearsal space. The room is 16' x 11.5' with 8' ceilings. One 16' wall has two exterior windows on either end of the wall. One window is 2' from the corner and the other is 3' from the corner...
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    better guitar grounding?

    My ibanez rg7621 has a large amount of buzz when I plug into my Engl Blackmore signature 100. It is substantially reduced when I touch the volume or tone pot. Is there anything I can do to better ground this guitar or reduce the noise? There was always a little buzz or hum but I think it became...
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    Digidesign-supported computer?

    I am going to be taking advantage of Georgia's tax free weekend with the purchase of a new laptop. This won't be primarily for recording (I already have a designated computer for that) but I thought it would be nice to have it be compatible with Pro tools in case I need to do some remote...
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    FS ....DBX 163x Pair

    Up for sale is a pair of DBX 163x compressors. They both are in good working condition, cosmetically they have a little rack rash and somewhere along the line, someone thought it was a good idea to shorten the power cables. No big deal as long as you have a power strip in your rack case. I have...
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    Soldering Cables?

    I bought some cable and connectors to make a few custom patch cables for my pedal board. This is NOT my first attempt at soldering cables but this is the first time that I have ever had any trouble. I keep getting a weak signal from the finished cable. If I plug in on my distortion channel it...
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    Rackmount Delay

    Looking for a Rackmount delay for my guitar rig. My only real stipulations are that it needs to have a foot switchable bypass, foot switchable tap tempo and is under $200 new or used. I don't need any crazy rhythmic delays. Mostly using it to fill out leads in a live setting. I had a TC...