Ear buds/In Ear monitors


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This is for live applications only and I will only be monitoring the click in one ear. What are some good ones in terms of comfort. Not looking to spend a fortune, this is only for click purposes and they do not have to be wireless.


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There are lots of good ones, my drummer and I use the Sony, or Phillips, (same), and plug them into a Behringer HP amp that get's it's signal from the aux sends on our Allen Heath mixer, works great, and the sound is fantastic.
The bassist tried mine for one song, and immediately switched from his Shure wireles to a setup just like mine, of course we use them for the entire mix, and have them in both ears.

Hope that helps.


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We toured using Koss Plugs, they are cheap loud enough and sound good with good bass. The only failures we had is when someone stands on them. Our system was a sub mixer with the drum loops, click, samples, with a line out mix to everyone who then had a little mixer, they got the line in from the sub mixer plus they could add their own instruments and vocal via splitters. The personal mixers feed the inears via the headphone out and an extension cable if needed. Sounded complicated but we streamline it with our own cables and stage cases and it took only minutes to have up and running.



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SkullCandy - $9 -$10

We use in-ears on Sundays worship services, and among those on the backline, the SkullCandy actually has better low response than many of the others I've tried. In fact, I was in a studio session playing drums and the guitar was in the room with me and I could NOT hear the click with my cans on because of the amp bleeding in. So, I pull out the skull candy and boom... can hear the click. (I'm not a great drummer, so hearing the click actually exposed my weakness... ha! but I could hear it!)

I've tried the iPod in ears, Sony over-the-ear, Shure models, and the Skull Candy still wins. They come with 3 sizes of soft ear pieces, so you can get one that fits well. They work well for the $10. The company also sells more expensive models, but I like mine just fine.