better guitar grounding?


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My ibanez rg7621 has a large amount of buzz when I plug into my Engl Blackmore signature 100. It is substantially reduced when I touch the volume or tone pot. Is there anything I can do to better ground this guitar or reduce the noise? There was always a little buzz or hum but I think it became worse after my guitar tech swapped out the volume pot a few months ago. I wasn't really playing amplified that much so I didn't notice until now. I am using good cables and the head is in prime condition and my other guitars aren't nearly as bad. Any suggestion are greatly appreciated.


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You might have a ground loop in the control cavity. Try isolating the volume pot from the control cavity shielding with a plastic washer.


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The new pot would be my first suspect. Since the noise dies down when you touch the pot, I wonder if the pot case is not grounded properly. I'd check the connection from that pot to ground. Is the buzz louder when the volume is down?


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Check to make sure there is a solid ground connection on the back of the pots and that is is solid all the way back to the Ground connection to the bridge , also try shielding the cavity were the pots and pickups are and grounding that also ......