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Hey fellas, haven't been here in quite some time. I was hoping to get some mix advice on this track. It's mainly for demo purposes but I would like to get it sounding as good as I can. Any thoughts are much appreciated.

The download is located on this page
The Universe Divide - MixTest

Thanks in advance!


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Dude, I really like about 90% of that song. The other 10% just went over my head, I think... guess I didn't get it (or whatever, lol).

The mix itself sounds done to me (which to me means that nobody will find the mix/production quality itself distracting when listening to the music in context of mainstream recordings - it sounds "right"... if you will).

I really just wanted to say that I *really* enjoyed listening to that tune, because honestly there's not much I enjoy listening to anymore - so way to go :) I'm gonna play it again, now :p

edit: I listened again, much louder on my monitors, and I like the whole thing - guess it took two tries to appreciate some of the more complex parts, but this shit jams, dude, for real. Do you guys have anything with vocals?


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Wild, very loud master, production is quite good. Playing reminds me of Mahavishnu Orchestra after about 3:00min. Not something I've heard in a while.

The drums get a bit mechanical in some spots, mostly the kick drum.

Pretty rippin material, excellent work!


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Clean mix. At the 1 minute mark by the light bass and clean guitars, there is a major build up of low end which can be tamed better. I like the track, its like Death Dream Theater.

I played the track on the bottom Phi Inverted oops...
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pretty good job, a bit harsh on the upper mids/Highs, could prob try and tame those a bit, and maybe pushed a bit too much with compression/limiting but I don't think it's as big of a problem with this genre.


Sorry mate, I'm not going to download 50meg to listen to a song.
My download allowance & bandwidth won't cope.
I did listen to the streamer at the bottom which was really interesting.
Get a smaller file or streamer or something.