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I picked up 12 boards of OC 703 yesterday to begin treating my room that serves as my home studio and rehearsal space. The room is 16' x 11.5' with 8' ceilings. One 16' wall has two exterior windows on either end of the wall. One window is 2' from the corner and the other is 3' from the corner. My mix desk is placed on the opposite 16' wall. If your facing my desk the 11.5' wall has a standard doorway 19.5 " away from the back wall's corner. The other 11.5' wall has an archway type opening that is 5' wide.
I assembled one broadband absorber with a 1x4 frame and 2 boards of 2" 703 (you can see it unmounted in the pics). I plan to hang it on the 16' wall in between the two exterior windows. I was planning on doing two more for the corners of that same wall but then I started reading some more info on Ethan's site. Looking at the plans it shows a sheet of plywood on the face of the frame for bass traps. So my question is, will the absorbers be effective in the corners without the plywood facing or should I make the corner ones with a plywood face? If so, can I still cover them with the same fabric?
Right now I have 10 boards of 703 left. Any placement suggestions/ideas are greatly appreciated. Sorry for the messy pics. We had a rehearsal last night that we recorded and we pretty much wrecked the place setting up in a hurry lol.


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Ethan Winer

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Two comments for now:

1) You should set up with the speakers firing the longer way down the room. The LF response will be much better. More here:

How to set up a room

2) I do not recommend the wood panel bass traps on my web site for a room that size. You'll do better with rigid fiberglass type traps straddling corners, or (second best) flat on the walls near the corners.



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Definitely set up firing down the 16' dimension. If you do that then your primary standing wave will be way down at 35Hz...not too big of a deal. Firing across the 11.5' dimension it's closer to 50Hz. Bye bye kick drum fundamental. Besides, if you set up with the entrance of the room behind you then you can basically add the width of the hall to you length dimension, plus the long hall way will be space low end can release into.



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Ethan- I can move my console/desk etc..to the 11 foot wall but that only leaves me about 7ft to work with to keep from obstructing that doorway. This puts one of my speakers almost directly in the corner. Will this be doing more damage to the sound than I already am by firing into the small dimension of the room?
I shouldn't have any trouble getting 4" rigid 703 panels to straddle the corners.

dogbreath if you knew how much rock was coming out of that Engl you would understand why the pics can't stay straight haha.

frank thanks for the input. I am going to look into moving some stuff around.


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I got my room re-arranged and hung 3 absorbers so far. It is already sounding better and I have more floor space to work with for band practice. I've got enough material to build 3 more 4" thick absorbers so I will be doing that today. I just wanted to post my progress and thank everyone for the input.


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Eu mesmo
Two 2'x4'x4" clouds covering the area above monitors and your mix position is a good idea. Principally if you have problems (usually peaks) around 150hz (8' height mode).



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I finally got the rest of my panels up. So far I have six 2x4 ..4" thick Oc 703 absorbers. I also had some professional, corner half round type absorbers that a friend gave me out of an old theater he demoed. It is hard to see in the pics but I mounted those around the shelving that is above my desk.
It may take a few months but I am planning on getting one more box of 703 panels. I am going to make two clouds above my desk and use the rest to build some gobos. Thanks for all the help guys. I am really digging the new layout and the even more so the improved acoustics!


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