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    Gonna Die for the Dow

    Part of my Quarantunes series: Gonna Die for the Dow - Would welcome feedback on songwriting, playing, production, etc... It’s all me, cuz o the quarantine and whatnot. Thanks, Todzilla
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    Trying to get more high end mojo on this... Any suggestions?
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    Rapidly Distoring Echo

    Hey folks, I have an effect in my head, but I'm looking for advice on the best way to achieve it. The Effect: On a song I am producing there is a key word, "anger" that I want to echo about seven times. Each echo should get increasingly distorted until the seventh echo is unintelligibly...
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    Digital Noise!

    Hey Folks, Thanks a gazillion for the feedback on my sister's project's previous tune Fantasy and Reality Here's another I'd love feedback on. Some of the drum fills needs to be tweaked, but otherwise, I'm getting close to happy with it. Once again, my special sister is on vocals, my...
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    Fantasy and Reality

    I would love some mix feedback on this tune, which is the presumed lead track for a full album project. I need to provide a bit of background, first. The lyrics are very hard to understand. This is because the project features my developmentally disabled sister. She has Downs Syndrome and...
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    Dual Mono Compression

    Hey Guys! So, I have a buddy who is an electronics whiz. He is building his own studio, by DIYing his own gear. This may take forever to complete, so he's letting me "take care" of his gear in the meantime. He recently build a very well researched and assembled 1176 Rev D clone. This thing...
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    Mix Feedback Sought

    This is a very quick and dirty tune, but I'm liking it so far. I need to hone it further, but I don't want to over work it. Thanks in advance for your feedback!
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    Feedback on my new tune, please

    Angry protest power pop. All me on the recording. Phony manually programmed drums, otherwise all real. Quick and dirty, and subject to re-arranging. Feedback welcomed! Lyrics: Got an orangutan toad with nuclear codes and I don't...
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    How to save money building a studio without compromising sound quality.

    I often see newbies asking for advice on setting up studios, then proceed to list equipment, budgets and requirements that drive them to overspend and get unsatisfactory results. Can we provide some pointers on how to get maximum bang for buck? Here's mine: 1) Build your own acoustic...
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    My Buddy Asked Me to Mangle His Song

    He lays down this beautiful acoustic guitar and lead vocal, then pushes me to take this song to the edge and shove it over. So, I put down some Bjorkesque stutter drums, grinding sawtooth synth with high chirps, excessive backup vocals, funky bass from my cheap Ibanez, carefully dropped chains...
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    My New CD is Out!

    Todd Jones | Mister Sensitive | CD Baby It features highly refined and mastered versions of many of the songs I worked through and received feedback on in this very forum. If you feel you contributed large volumes of very helpful information to me in this process, send me a private message and...
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    How I Want To Die

    After I turned 50, this song seemed appropriate. Yeah, it's kind of long (hey, it's about death!) but I'd love some feedback. So far, it's my favorite drum sound we've come up with. Keys will be retracked for timing issues and solo (sax?) will go in...
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    Mixing is HARD!

    ...and DAWs have, in a weird way, encourage it to be a lot harder (by indulging overtracking, undercommitting and over-reliance on mix fixes). I'm a one man shop, from song writing to arranging to playing/singing to mixing down. I know it's not realistic to expect fantastic results without...
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    "NY Compression"

    Been fiddling around with this technique in which you compress the living hell out of drum bus, record that to a stereo track, then blend the uber compression in with the regular uncompressed drums. Gives a good punch and sounds great, but one finding: I find that I have to exempt overheads...
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    Mastering and CrossFades? Sequencing? Gaps?

    I'm finishing up a CD project that I'm sending out for mastering. The final product is to have several crossfades from one track to the next, with strategically placed song pointers. What is the traditional point in the process where this occurs? Does the mastering joint master the songs...