Gonna Die for the Dow


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No comments on the mix. I just listened on my phone..... but I liked it. I liked the song, I liked the production, and I liked the message.
Musicians have traditionally been outspoken about bullshit in the world, but in recent times seem to have fallen into lockstep with the ‘correct’ group think.
So it’s refreshing to hear a throwback to the days of artists speaking out instead of being mouthpieces for the establishment. Well done.


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Regarding how musicians used to do protest songs, well I’m a Grandfather of three, so I guess I’m a throwback. 8^)


Hat STYLE. Not contents.
I like it. My initial thought on what the mix needs is that the high-hat is too loud. Especially compared to the other cymbals.


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Good tune!

Actually, I kinda liked the highhat sitting where it is. When you combine that with the kick, it gives it a nice drive.

And as a child of the 50's and 60's, I know what you're saying, Todd. Subtlety and social comment are lost arts for most of today's artists. Who writes stuff like Requiem for the Masses, Handsome Johnny, Ohio, Inner City Blues, or Unknown Soldier in these days.


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Steve, Rich,

Thanks for the feedback! I tweaked the hi hats a bit but when I pulled it lower, it seemed to lose energy. Maybe it’s an EQ issue more than level?

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Yeah think I'm with VHS on this one. I like a good hat as much as anyone but if they're going to be at this level they need more variation, kinda humanise them a bit. No complaints otherwise. Vocals are great. Good jam grandad! :) Respect


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You got a patriotic fever, but you’re a science disbeliever. But you can trust your gut.

That was pretty funny. Sarcastic, but subtle enough to be lost on most audiences. Clever.

Sounds good. Agreed on the hats though.