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    How To Get Samples On MPC2000xl ?

    Hey, I've recently been looking to get an MPC2000xl but Im not to sure on how I could get my MP3's or WAV samples onto the MPC so i can make the beats. Im also not to sure on how I would export the beats. Everything else I've researched but I cant seem to find this out. BTW Do you think ill need...
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    What's a good Hip Hop Analog Setup?

    Whats some good analog gear to get so I can achieve that old school 90's Jay-Z reasonable doubt / nas illmatic vocals and overall track sound. Can you post a chain btw.
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    What Mic is this ?

    Can someone tell me what mic this is?
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    Looking To Upgrade My Studio Setup Need Suggestions.

    Looking To Upgrade My Studio Setup Need Suggestions. Right now I Have Microphone: AT2035 Interface: Tascam US800 Monitors: KRK Rokit 5's DAW: Pro Tools 9 Im looking to upgrade my Interface (No idea what to get) and maybe add some new monitors not replacing them just for a different reference...
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    At2035 vocal chain (rap)

    At2035 vocal chain (rap) What does the vocal chain for your AT2035 look like Mine in AT2035> TASCAM US800> LOGIC PRO 9 Sound int bad but im sure i can get a better dry sound for Rap Vocals btw.
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    How to get nice transitions between tracks on a mixtape?

    Like on ODB's first album you can clearly hear the end of Baby C'mon, At the Beginning of Brooklyn Zoo, Same for Shimmy Shimmy Ya and Baby C'mon. how do I get this effect? What programs best for it. Ol Dirty Bastard - Baby C'mon - YouTube Ol' Dirty Bastard - Brooklyn Zoo - YouTube
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    How to get this Vocal sound ?

    Joey Bada$$ - World Domination (Prod. MF DOOM) by Joey BADASS. on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free IF you have a good pair of monitors you could here Like the thickness of it. Im using logic pro 9 just wondering how to get vocals like this. I have Waves Bundles and...
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    90's Hip Hop Vocal Sound ?

    Like Nas Illmatic Old School Vocal Sound ? IS it the mic or the mixing thats making the Vocals sound so old school and different ? How do you get that old school sound I love it. Like the vocals are lower in the mix but still stand out how can i do that ?
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    What should I get to maximize my AT2035's Quality ?

    So i have an audio technica at2035 and i want it to sound as good as possible my budget it 600$ and under. So what could i possibly get the make the quality the absolute best for rap vocals.
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    Studio Monitor Mixing Questions!

    Does the placement of studio monitors effect the mix ? (RAP VOCALS) Does The Loudness of the Monitors ? I use Logic Pro 9 EQ's Looks Like this: Compressors: (On Chain) (On Chain) Compressor On BUS Reverb BUS Delay BUS Here's what my home studio looks like tell me anything i...
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    Im having trouble with looping this sample.

    Alright, So I have this bomb sample im trying to loop it and theres gaps between each chop. I have chops every 4 beats of the tempo so its - Chop -2-3-4 Chop -2-3-4 - Is this an issue ? I think the trouble is with the tempo. There a part of the sample thats a little slower than the first part...
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    Logic Pro 9 Mixing Chain Hip Hop Vocals

    What should the basic Chain for mixing hip hop vocals be in sequence like this 1.EQ 2.Compression 3Reverb(Bus) Tell me what effects or VST;s you add for your hip hop vocals that sound Perfect for you. IT can be more than 3 steps
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    How can i get my mixes like this ?

    INSIDE THE MIND OF (PRODUCED BY WES BLAK) by Wes Blak on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free HELL YEAH! (PRODUCED BY WES BLAK) by Wes Blak on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free This was recorded in a closet filled with towels and rags. With a USB...
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    How do you get vocals to sit in the middle of the mix ?

    If you listent to this song through studio monitors, You can hear how its Like Right in the middle of the mix and not to loud on both sides. and its like the beat is around the vocals. Tyler, The Creator - Seven - YouTube watch HD and this. Tyler, the Creator - Blow - YouTube The Vocals are...
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    Trouble Mixing It Still Sounds Bad.

    I switched to Mac and my friend let me borrow is Logic to download. So now I'm having less trouble mixing but it still doesn't sound Good at all. It sounds not even a little professional. The Presence is there but blending in is what I'm having trouble with. I Get the EQ perfect then Compression...