How To Get Samples On MPC2000xl ?


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Hey, I've recently been looking to get an MPC2000xl but Im not to sure on how I could get my MP3's or WAV samples onto the MPC so i can make the beats. Im also not to sure on how I would export the beats. Everything else I've researched but I cant seem to find this out. BTW Do you think ill need a Mixer for it? Or could I just connect it straight to my interface? (Tascam us-800)
HELP im new to the hardware life im used to FL studio and software.


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doesnt this require a zip drive to install samples?

ive always fancied one but the connectivity to modern computer based recording is way too much of a pita to be worth it :(


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I know its a late reply, but uploading samples to the 2000XL is as easy as connecting your computer's headphone out to the MPC's inputs. Works fine with mono WAV and any other audio source. :guitar: