Im having trouble with looping this sample.


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Alright, So I have this bomb sample im trying to loop it and theres gaps between each chop. I have chops every 4 beats of the tempo so its - Chop -2-3-4 Chop -2-3-4 - Is this an issue ? I think the trouble is with the tempo. There a part of the sample thats a little slower than the first part. This whole loop is about 4 Bars at around 79 BPM but i cant seem to get it exact. Please help!

Program: Reason
Chopped in: ReCycle

Please help me, I appreciate it.


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If your sample has different tempo's, try to slice it up first (by tempo). And stretch your parts until they all have the same tempo. Then place them after eachother, make a clean loop and save it as a new .wav file for example.

Then, with that clean wave file you can chop and slice every way you like. If it really won't work, a little side-chain on your loop will get the small mistakes unhearable but that depends on the kind of music it will be used in