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  • Hey buddy, got a chance to try out the new HT-5 yesterday, they squeezed a 12 inch speaker, reverb and some other tweaks into the wee box, sounded awesome even with the shitty Ibanez Satriani sig I was using. :)

    Snowing here and freezin, next year I'm gonna give up building houses and get myself a workshop, getting too old to be freezin my baws off every winter. :D
    Glad to be of service. I had originally sent a longer PM but it said your inbox was full. Funny thing, I'd thought about you earlier in the day as I was recording some crunching guitars {or at least it sounded that way in my cans} and it reminded me of you for some reason. It was on my 15 watt line 6 amp. Though it has crunch, metal, drive and insane settings, just running it clean with everything three quarters to the limit gave the required distortion. The others are so over the top !
    You can download a full manual for the 12 here, which should assisst your son in the meantime.
    There's a couple of ways to do the mixdown. Once all the tracks are as wanted, if there are 10 or less, you can do the mixdown straight onto say, tracks 11 and 12 and then once it's to his satisfaction, just connect the DPS outs to the ins of a CD burner and let it record in real time. Alternatively, you could just connect your outs to the ins of a CD recorder {or I presume, an interface of some sort} and mix straight to the CD. That would be my prefered method. I've been doing it that way with my old analog Tascam and I've grown used to it.
    Hope that helps.
    Take care, buddy,
    Cheers dogdude, I'll tell him. :)

    My wee studio got turned back into a bedroom to sell this house dude, should be moving to my new place end of January, a collab would be good, think kc's up fer one too so could be a blast. :D
    Yea, me likee some Maiden and ACDC too, gotta cover Thunderstruck for my bro's birthday party.

    Picked, no hammer on pull off cheats. :eek:

    Enjoy the vacation dude. :drunk:
    Yea I'm good cheers, living quiet(ish) :D

    I reckon you'll really dig the Blackstar, I'm gonna add an HT-5 to my xmas list.

    Lol @ "one string at a tme" :D
    Hey dogdude, how ya doin? :D

    Three men were sitting in a bar talking about how whipped they had their wives.

    The first two kept bragging about how they could get their wives to do anything.

    They looked at the third man and he said, "I have my wife so whipped that the other day I had her crawling towards me on her hands and knees."

    Both of the other men were very impressed and asked him how he had managed that.

    The man replied, "Well, I was lying under the bed and she crawled over and said, "Come out and fight like a man!".
    HEY! WHO ate all my bacon?! NO! SIT... Bad dog.. HEY@! NO!! BAD dog! Stop humping th.... awww cmon DB, that's my wife... HEY@! BAD Bad dog.. No really, that is UN-acceptable... NO! .. no! .... noooo....... NO!!% HEEY!%# SHHHhhh DOG! No.. n.. st.. but.. DDOOG!!!1 Ahhh fuggit, gnite bro :D
    What da hell's goin' on in here? Is you still among da livin'? Don't laugh at at me cause I be takin Inglish from sillbee!
    Hey Dog, how's it goin? :)

    If you're looking fer a new amp and you can get your hands on one. try out the new Blackstar HT-5, make sure it's a 2011 model tho, they have the newer emulated out everyone's raving about and a few other tweaks.

    Still loving my HT-1.

    What you been upto? I been pimping my ride, lol, bought this big van, just fitted it out with bunks, a tv and an xbox fer the races, the wee man loves it. :D
    lololol :D:D you better wash your paws before walking on my rug! Get outside, the hose for you! PSSHHHHHHH....
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