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  • Family's good bud cheers, yea I wont be hanging around all that much, Chater said I couldn't have cave access right away, told her I didn't want it all, not interested.

    Guitar forum and mp3 clinic will do me dude, cool you got some new gear, picked up some mics this week, got a guy coming round on Sunday, dude plays and sings for a living, pretty good, I dunno what he's got planned but we gonna record some stuff, see how it goes, if it's any good I'll post some up.

    Another pooch eh? we still got the wee terrier, plenty, jock's doing well at school, wants to be a forensic pathologist, I took him with me to work for a coupla weeks building a house, verdict "fuck that I'm sticking in at school"

    not as dumb as I look eh? :D
    So what's new around here bud? recorded anything lately?

    I had to send Chater nekid pics before she'd let me back in, I feel dirty. :(
    Dogbreath - 2 Weeks Ago - permalink

    I'm so slacking man..... Working from home, you'd think I'd have more time to F off and slack, that's not how it's working out. >2 weeks since I've been on here, and even now I'm in and out in 2 min's. but I'm taking these 2 mins to wish you a merry woof woof and a happy bark bark OWWWWwwwwww....

    Thanks for your kind words Dogbreath!
    It's a plaesure to meet you here. Curiously, I had drank all the beers too!:D
    Jenni's Place? Hell no! That little teaser neve did nuthin' for nobody nohow! :p

    No, I'm starting a new grilling forum. Doesn't always have to be a bout grillin', though. Deep fryin', pan fryin', steam, boil, know..cookin' and eatin'. No limeys allowed unless they speak English! Gotta go...heating up yesterdays Papa John's for lunch today. Later! :D
    I found the thread you started in the cave and let me tell you - that was some pretty funny stuff written by everyone that participated.

    I wrote a follow up post at the end of it.
    Two blondes were sitting at a table in a club, when a guy invites one of them to dance. She asks him: You are so pale! Why don't you spend more time in the sun?
    I was in jail.
    I killed my wife.
    The girl goes back to her friend and says: I'm so lucky! He's not married!
    How are you ? Today a thought struck me. Another way your son could mix down is straight from his 12 to your 24.
    I've been reading this autobiography of a recording engineer and he was talking about how it was common practice in the 60s to mix in sections.
    Going digital in the first place, I thought mixes could be done in sections. I thought that's what automation was. Taking a song with different sections and instruments, it would be great to get one section right, then the next etc till the whole song is done. But I found it's not how it works.

    This is what struck me today. As I have 2 12s I can use the 2nd one as a mixdown deck. And I can do it in sections. All I'd need to do is leave say, a two second gap between each section and then when the piece is finished join them all together. It occurred to me that your son could do that as you have a 24.

    Anyway, just a thought. Maybe one day the thought will come to be.
    Take care man,
    Tagbo {grimtraveller}.
    yo bro wzup! I just signed a contract to get a house here in GA. pool table, hot tub, full finished basement WITH a 18x13 room just for a new supr-studio! Closing 4/30, im so excited to get outa this dump and into there!! ill have some pics this summer some time! OOWWWWWWWwwwww.....
    Hey DogMcdude of the clan McBarkin, you gonna get your geetar out and post some of that sweet tone of yours? :D
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