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    First live gig in 20 years...

    oh yeah... I'm the bass guy...
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    First live gig in 20 years...

    And I'm startin to get butterflies. :p It's tomorrow. I sing lead vocals on 4 songs and backup on the others and all of a sudden, these lyrics that I've been singing for a couple of months are gettin garbled in my head. (gulp) I'm gonna be "that guy" who looks like a dumbass forgettin the...
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    Anyone got retro and/or rare guitar picks you'd like to sell to me?

    found this one. Very cool band. Awesome bass player. ok ok... not vintage at all... these are ours. :D
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    wuddup Madman :drunk: did ya miss us?
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    So when is a good age for a mid life crisis?

    Should I put it off for a bit? Am I already late? I'm thinkin I need to get on with it while I still got the energy to do some really stupid shit... but if I wait, I may end up with some added intelligence and not do the extremely stupid shit. Just the normal stupid shit. Whudda you think?
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    Traben bass guitars... Thoughts?

    Just looking for meat world opinions on these. I'm looking at this un... Array Limited - Traben Basses only in a 5 string. Seems like one of their claims to fame is the size of the bridge and how it affects tone and sustain. Anyone play one of these? What were/are your thoughts? much...
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    So I'm looking at modules and triggers...

    Particularly the Alesis DM10 with some triggers. Not that I know anything about this module... just reviews and that Alesis seems to have a pretty good name. I'm looking at live application as well as tracking. I figured I'd leave my kit miked up so I'd still get my hi-hats and cymbals thru...
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    Why is audio interface needed?

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    How to get more volume?

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    Ice chest cooler

    A free ice chest, a free fan, scrap wood I had layin around and $9 for the dryer vent so I could aim the air more towards me. :D The fan pushes fairly decent air at around 45 degrees. With 3 frozen gallon jugs of water, it's supposed to last about 5 hours. Jam practice is gonna be cool. :)
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    N t d

    Oh yeah. :) Last new 2013 on da lot. And my first new vehicle. Wife n kids have all got their new(er) cars and this one really grabbed my eye. If I'd have had my glasses on when I first saw the window sticker, I'd have walked on by. :D
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    An interesting article about mics and placement... some of the techniques got me thinkin outside the box. May help someone else... :drunk:
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    New kick skins...

    So my family chipped in and got me new skins and I'm having issues with the kick. The batter is the Superkick III and the reso is the Resonator. What I'm wondering is...since both skins have built in muffling type rings, do you think that's messing with my tone? I've tried batter just past...
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    It's time to post another pic of yourself

    That's "MR." Dit. :D