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Thread: Studio Build Documentation

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    DAY 89

    Not bothering with any pictures at this time, since it's been just the ongoing drywall work, and a couple of other things.
    They did the second pass with some sanding and then more spackle (aka joint-compound or "mud" )...and they are coming back to do a final pass tomorrow...though while they were working, my contractor finally finished framing out the front door wall, which needed to be redone once my old sliding glass doors were that one wall doesn't even have drywall installed, and they will need to do that and then the same tape-n-mud process...but that shouldn't be any hold-up.
    In the meantime, my contractor plans to start painting the main studio space right after they finish with their third mud I expect Tue/Wed the painting will start. I'm just letting him do the primer and coat of some off-white paint all around...then I can do whatever color I want later on, depending on the additional wall treatments I do...and having the white makes for a good "blank canvas", since it's a neutral color.

    We did have some issues with the back door installation, and IMO, they are going to have to remove it, and maybe replace it. It's just not setting right, and there is a lot of rub. So the contractor wants to bring in the door rep, and let him make the call. In the meantime, my replacement front door (they originally made a mistake on the sidelight placement) is arriving on Friday, and I think my studio door is also coming.

    The studio door is the same brand and also an exterior 1 3/4" solid wood core, fiberglass clad door. My best friend of 40 years, who has been in the door and window biz for the last 30 years (but he's out in California now) told me that rather than going nuts with the studio door, I should just get the thicker exterior door, and at most, install some of the specialized soundproofing weather-stripping that you can retrofit on any door...but TBH, after seeing the quite beefy weather-stripping that is on these doors...I don't think I will need any. We just have to get the doors installed just right...and for that, I may bring in my other contractor who worked with me on the replacement of my 10 doors in the house this summer. He knows his shit with doors and windows (use to work for Anderson). If my buddy from CA was here, he said he could get it sorted out in about 20 minutes. Sometimes, it's just a little shim here-n-there that makes all the difference for a perfect fit.

    Once those things are done...the only portion left of the original construction project will be the tile floor in the foyer and new bathroom, then the installation of the bathroom cabinets and fixtures, and finally the hardwood floor in the studio. I'm expecting all but the hardwood floor to be done by mid-Feb...and then the hardwood floor sometime in that 3rd week of Feb.
    After that, I have some trim and finishing work to do around the doors, windows and the exposed beams...but I will finally be rid of all the contractors. As much as I have no bad feelings about any of the workers over the last 3 months...I am SO looking forward to not having anyone coming by every other day and banging on the walls and making dirt and dust. So I am still somewhat on-target, and expect to spend March & April doing my own finish work, loading up the studio, wiring, odds-n-ends, and then of course, the acoustic treatment, which I'm already starting to plan out...and I hope to have it all done May 1.

    Of course, I do have some other things also inside the rest of my house. Once I empty my current studio space, there will be some moving of furniture and reorganization (I swear, this all has been worse than trying to move into an empty house)...and I'm replacing all my carpeting downstairs in all the rooms...but I hope that will only be a week or two of madness.

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