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  • Yes, i'm afraid it must be the sd card. I hope it's that. Today i'm going to buy a sd card, i just seen the compatible brands. Let me ask you...when i put a new sd card,the manual says that i have to format it before i use it. So i put the format from the boss? Do i have to put the folders (roland and device folder) or the boss automatically create that folders during format process? Thanks for your help
    Sorry you're having problems. It could be a bad SD card, or it could be the card is full, giving errors?
    Hello, first of all i want to apologize for my english and for writing directly to you, but i log in in this page and i don't know why i can't commenton forums. I have a boss br 800, and i saw that you know about this multitrack. I've been using my boss for about 2 years and recently i had a problem. When i connect my boss to the pc via usb, to export the tracks using the wave converter, i don't know why but the songs that i record dissapear from the boss. And sometimes when i open the wave converter it says "no card". I thought it was the usb connection but then i inserted the sd card on my pc, and the wave converter says the same. When i put the sd card back on the boss, the song that i record disappear...could be the sd card damage? It is the first time thatthis happens to me. But i need to export the tracks to my pc. My boss is 1.12 version, and i have windows 7. It happens the same in windows 10. Thanks
    Mike, can I Import a 2~3 second wav file of a single sitar note from laptop and save it br800 user bank?

    Then play that file in user bank with keyboard or guitar changing the note/key of imported file as i hit my different guitar strings or keys on synth...
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    Cool. I have the same guitar. 1967. Anyway , thanks for the reply. I have a real good computer I built myself, as this is my business. But find the cu-base software by Stienberg Cumbersome and confusing. I'm looking to record the old fashioned way using a digital recorder to lay down the tracks , then export each TRACK into cu base for editing and mastering , can I do this? Do I need anything special?
    Hey Mike, I've got everything all packaged up. Im gonna send it out tommorow. Since it took so long i threw in a few extra mics!!! I hope they get used!!!



    Breaks The Fall
    Yes, I use the built-in mastering patches. Don't know if they improve the sound or not!
    Best site I have found, overall, for recording tips is this place.
    Hey . . .
    I too own a boss br-600.
    I was wondering if you have used the built in mastering, and if you have
    had any luck with it?
    Right now I'm importing wav files into my pc and mastering that way . . .
    Also have you found any good sites online dealing with the br600.
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