Studio Build Documentation

Just a thought - but have you considered seeing if you could produce this as a book. You have all the stage by stage details and it would be a good read for people wanting to do what you've done. The usual books we recommend are a little dry and detached from reality in my view - but reading how you went from the design to the completion would be interesting for folk scared to consider doing something like this.
Wow.....awesome!! Did your EASY (see first pic) button make it......easy?

2 cents worth of envy.

Glad to see you back Miro... After watching the trials and tribulations of building the addition, I wondered how things worked out. It looks really great.
Here now are the pictures of the finished studio with all the gear wired in and set up. Long haul to get it all done...more work than the pictures reveal...but it's finally finished.
Anyway...see you guys. I'll be in the new studio recording most days. Life is good.






I would love to hear the drum sound you are getting in that room. Bet it's sweet!
Nice to get closure on this project. Thanks for coming back and posting the pics.

Beautiful studio and I can feel the vibe from here..
That whole experience is amazing.

I honestly felt so good by only going through this thread's pages, picture after picture, I can't even imagine how good it was for you @miroslav
Big congrats for the perseverance and the skills you have! I'm setting everything up for my new studio building and this was such inspiring.

Thanks, thanks, thanks for sharing this!