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Whitemike Owens

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Hello all, my name is Michael Owens, often referred to as White Mike(kind of a long story that I don't mind explaining if you ask.) and my artist name is Guilty White Boy. I write and record my own music and just recently started making beats. I've been recording my own music for several years now, but I still have alot to learn especially with mixing. As far as beat making goes I'm a complete beginner. I'm also currently in my 4th week attending LA Film School to get my bachelors in science in music production. My primary Genre of music is Hip Hop. I'm originally from a small town named Charleston in the bottom South East tip of Missouri known as the Bootheel, but currently live in an even smaller town in Southern Illinois right across the Mississippi river about 18 miles from where I grew up. Any questions feel free to ask and I hope I learn a lot from this community.


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Lemme start off wid my names Detta wid da Exclamation Point‼️ Because I'm EXTRAAAA‼️ Checking in from New Haven Connecticut . Currently I'm enrolled at LAFS and for an assignment we had to choose a forum to join pertaining to our major. I'm pursuing my bachelor's in Music Production , and above all of that, LOVE anything music‼️ I'm also an artist I love the whole process writing, recording, and performing mostly.

I'm going to take some time to view some posts see what's going on and get to know you guys and the community. Thank you for being a part of the journey‼️

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Hello I'm Coma and I make music for fun. Joined here as part of an assignment for my music production degree and I'm hoping I can learn a lot here!


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Yo Yo, What's up everybody my name is Adrian. I also go by ar15. I am pretty new to all this recording stuff. Catch me browsing and seeing what I can learn. Nice to meet y'all.

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LA Film school? cuz if so then same

Likquid Grid

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What's up everybody my name is Likquid Grid, I am currently going to University for Music Production, I have been plying around as a hobby with Ableton for about 8 years but now I really wish to take my hobby to another level and follow the passion I have for music so that one day, soon, I can start sharing creations, truly hoping to connect with many of you.


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The names Tr3se7en im an Indie artist out of Texas, new to the forum looking for networking and up with me and lets work on a couple projects!
Im attending School for music familiar with Protools 12 and FL Studio. looking forward to linking up with alot you guys!


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Hello! I'm Stu & new here. Candidly, I signed up as part of an assignment for my online class at LAFS & not sure what to expect yet, but glad to be part of the group! Cheers!


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What’s up everybody I’m Bryan, I’m from alabama. I’m not to sure how the site works but I’ll be getting my own at home set up soon so I’ll be open to my tips or knowledge on setting up and recording myself


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J.J. Tilly here, wanted to write songs my whole life, and at 42 I have the time needed to do so. Love The Cure, and most other new wave bands, and I would compare my style somewhere between that and ambient techno.


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new to this

hello my name is Samuel Lopez I am currently enrolled into the Los Angeles film school, I'm going to school for music technology & production. I am a local artist in Cleveland Ohio, My artist name is "Rose Gold"
I have music on SoundCloud there's the link if you like to check me out! but I am excited for the feed back on my music and its nice to meet everyone. fyi it wouldn't let me post a link so I am sorry for that but I am passionate about everything I have made


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A big ol' welcome to everyone from the LAFS and other newcomers. Don't be shy about posting your sounds in the MP3 Mixing Clinic.


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Yo I'm Solo a rap artist find my music everywhere and follow my journey. Google Soloill and here some of what I have put together. I hope to learn some production techniques and learn some fundamentals of mixing.


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I'm a music producer currently in school for music production. I go by the name DSRV (deserve). I am always looking to network and learn from fellow producers.


Welcome to all you new members!

I am curious to ask a question. Hope to not be an ass by doing so.

Did you all graduate at the same time and someone suggested you come here for advice? That is really a good thing and there are many here that are willing to and have real world advice. Myself included.

But it does seem odd that there are multiple 'one off' posts saying hello, but not much asking of real world questions.

Again, I do not wish to come across as an asshole, but it does seem a bit odd.

Let's have a second reply from all of you to see if you want this, or just posted because the teacher asked you to.

You will be way better off asking questions from real world people with experience than you will from just blah blah introducing yourselves here.

Let's see how this goes....




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Hello! I am a beginning musician, and currently attend college at The Los Angeles Film School for music production. I am perfecting my ability to play guitar, bass, and drums, and I also do vocals. I have worked with a couple of producers in the past to make music, but after multiple bad experiences I decided to pursue my own career as a musician and producer.


Hi all,

My name is Maarten and I'm a guitar player from the Netherlands. I also have a home studio that I use mostly to record and mix my own band Awash, and I make YouTube videos about that on a channel called 'Lanewood Studios'. I also have a tour of my home studio on that channel if you want to see what I have to work with. I joined this forum to have an alternative to gearslutz for browsing posts about recording/mixing/gear etcetera.
..... and .... I already posted a question with some responses before posting this introduction so technically this is already my second post ;).