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Hi, my name is Chuck. I have been involved with electronics and recording for most of my 66 years; my first recorder was a 1949 Eicor Model 1000 my father gave to me at age 6. I am an electronics engineer by trade. I'm about to start a refurbishment of a 1970's-vintage Sony TC-366 open-reel tape deck. I found a link to this site while researching quality replacement parts.


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Hi i'm 29 yo. Been playing guitar since 14, also drum and bass.
Experienced with bands around 18 and learning music composition in general since then.
Around 7 years i installed a DAW on my pc. Only playing the rec and stop button. Learn drum programming and the use of MIDI in that time.
I started learning mixing on April 2020.
I'm looking forward for a job opportunity as a mix engineer.
Hope you're all ok
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Goushik Rj

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Introducing my self

Hi everyone , I am Goushik , from India. I am studying Sound Engineering in a Film school for last one and half years.Familiar with DAWs , science behind sound , audio electronics and signal processing. I was very much interested in sound designer and worked for some short films. Which never makes me bore. Recent day I was interested in song mixing and game audio and studying about it.


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Hello. I'm Gary and my hobby is finding old rare 78's and LPs and digitizing them on a nice Rek-O-Kut Trovatore turntable. I just do 48kHz/24 bit right on my iPhone with the Blue Mikey Lightining audio interface using the headphone output from my Marantz receiver. For noise reduction I am using a Cedar dehisser I found used online (hardware, NOT the software), but I'd really love to also find the Cedar Declickle unit as they are no longer made. If anyone knows a source for used Cedar hardware please let me know.


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Hi Gary

The Rek-o-Kut looks like a really nice system.

I've been transferring some of my albums to digital, things that aren't available on CD. My rig is to go from my Rega turntable to my old AudioSource preamp, then into the line inputs of my Tascam interface.

I've tried a few declicking programs, but they seem to really alter the sound. For really difficult clicks, the ultimate solution has been to dump the file into Audacity and redraw the waveform to remove the transient click. Slow and tedious, but it gave the best results as it only affects a microsecond of sound.


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Hi guys I have just joined. I am an active music producer and DJ. Looking to up my mixing and Mastering skills here.

Ben Dover

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Hi I’m Ben, I love playing music. I'm here looking for information on recording gear to buy. I'm wanting to record my own bass and drum backing tracks to practice playing my guitar over. Also I want something to record guitar and vocal ideas, and to work on songs.


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Greetings to all! I just joined and am excited about becoming a member of this organization.I can't play a single musical instrument to speak of,but do have a serious niche for computer-produced music,with a full music-CD made so far.My love for good music is universal! Let's share!


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Hi y’all!

New to the forum? Say hello, tell us a little about your self. Meet the gang :p

Welcome to HomeRecording Forum! :guitar:

I’m Beth- I’m an untrained middle-aged woman who loves to sing! I also love to read and draw. I have a cat named Pants.


I’m Beth- I’m an untrained middle-aged woman who loves to sing! I also love to read and draw. I have a cat named Pants.

HAHA! Great intro! Welcome Beth!

Whether woman or man, most of us here are men with better halves that are not... I look forward to hearing from you and keeping the other boys honest... :)


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Hello everyone, Happy new year! I am a drummer/producer trying to promote my remote drum recording and mixing business.
I have over 25 years experience and have spent the last 9 years working with UK artist Paul Weller as studio drummer on his last 7 albums and as part of his live band playing drums, percussion and samples.
I have a home recording studio where I record and mix remotely. Please get in touch for more info or search my name to find my website.
Thank you!


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Hi! I'm Stonecrow. I am 62 and feeling a need to reimmerse in my life's passion of music. My goals include digging in to home recording technology which does not come easy for me. I'm stoked to find like minded community!


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Good for you Stonecrow.

I had pretty much given up playing guitar until I turned 50, when I custom ordered a Heritage 157 for my 50th birthday. 17 years later, I've been able to play guitar almost every day, have met and played alongside some really good people, and collected enough recording equipment to indulge myself in a way that I never imagined when I was in my early 20s and still playing.

It's really not as complicated as it seems. Start simply and enjoy the learning.


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Hello Everyone! My names Janaida. I've been singing/ recording music for 11 years. I recently enrolled into LA Film School for Audio Production, and I'm excited to learn the back end of the recording process. Looking forward to building you all and learning great tips and tricks for being and becoming the best possible engineer I can be.
Peace and Blessings,


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Hey everyone. Producer/DJ in the making, trying to become the best i can be. Ive alway loved music, especially house, trance, dubstep music. Honestly there is nothing more exciting than having the music reach your soul and give you goosebumps all over. That alone gives me the drive to want to tell my story through music. If anyone has any questions on my journey feel free to ask. I'll have questions of my own as well. I still have a lot to learn and I am all ears to those who want to help me.


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Hello out there, I'm Mat. Ive been home recording now for many years however just started school to increase my knowledge and skills. I play drums but recently have been exploring the synth world and it is amazing. If anyone wants to collaborate get ahold of me, I like many different styles of music and am down for whatever.


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HAHA! Great intro! Welcome Beth!

Whether woman or man, most of us here are men with better halves that are not... I look forward to hearing from you and keeping the other boys honest... :)

And a warm welcome from me as well Beth. There seems to be a great lack of ladies on this and other audio forums and those that do pop in seem to drift away within a few weeks?

I would love to know why Beth. Please be unstinting in your comments and maybe some reasons for the gross gender imbalance will emerge? Maybe the technical side bores* you? I know the palce can get a bit of a 'bar room' at times but I can assure you it is FAR more civilized than it was a few years ago!

* I am a technician (rtrd) and do sometimes get impatient with people who CLAIM to be incapable of understanding the most basic of electrical concepts, most of which were covered at school. Also I must be careful here not to come across as some sort of MCP! There ARE some ecellent females in the studio and PA world but again the balance is overwhelmingly blokes.

So, if we doo wrong...Tell us ORF!

Oh! BTW cat names. Nearly 50 yrs ago I found a kitten in the street, took it home and daughter, a toddler then, named it "Lassie"! Heaven knows why but the name stuck even though Lassie was of course a dog and our cat was a feller (till we had him done)



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Hey everyone! My name is Josh. I am a student currently attending the Los Angeles Film School for a degree in music production. This is my first time ever joining a site like this. With that being said, I am excited to make connections with everyone here and share and exchange some knowledge and information with you fine folks!