I got a Lhasa Apso and bred it with several other dogs...
Bred with the Collie, I got a Collapso which folds down for easy transport.
Bred with a Boykin Spaniel, I got a Lhas Boy and it only drinks blood.
The Pekinese gave me a Pekhaso which was very abstract.
Then we tried a Keeshond and Lhas Ma Kees and we couldn't open the kennels anymore...
She just thinks a high Emotional Quotient is more important than an Intelligence Quotient. She "feels" your lack of sensitivity and bigotry toward her which is SO important to her well being.

If you want to watch the actual video, it's here. It's a bit of a hoot!

AC/DC is kicking off a new tour with a new bassist. Soooo. . . I'm here to reassure all of you that I'M not their new bassist for this tour. You can all rest easy, I will remain in the area.


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