DAW Users With ADD

Well, we’ll see how you feel about that statement tomorrow night. 😁😁

It seems this game even has playoff implications. What do Cheese Doodles need, a win and a Seahawk loss?
Just read playoff scenarios. Apparently you don’t need a Seahawks loss. Win and in, lose and go home.
It was disappointing, but not surprising.

I'm hoping it's the end of the Rodgers era, best case scenario he gets traded soo we can get something out of it. Worst case he just retires. His contract prohibits the team from winning. He's the highest paid player in the NFL, but at this point he's not even a top 5 QB. He has been great at creating opportunities, but he has been horrible at taking advantage of them. Homefield at GB has become meaningless in the playoffs, which yesterday was technically.

I'm liking the AFC these days, they've got a lot of good QBs. I'm rooting for either Cincy or Buffalo.
Rodgers does seem to have lost a step. No way the Rodgers of a few years ago loses that game.

But Elway still won a couple of superbowls at that point in his career. However, he had help.

Meanwhile, LET’S GO BLUE! Realistically they’re not going far, but at least one win in the playoffs is a major change of fortune for this team. (Actually even making the playoffs is a major change of fortune.)
Philly has struggled a bit lately, but the Viqueens were a statistical anomaly.
If I can say anything about this year's NFL, it's that there have been a lot of crazy games.
Well, I missed the first game, and hit record on the DVR for the NY-Eagles game. Some bug hit me yesterday, and I've dozed off a couple of times. Took me out of my golf game yesterday and this morning. At least I know it's not the big C. I went ahead and did a test this morning, and it was a big negative!

I guess I should just set the DVR for tomorrow's games as well and go to bed. I can binge later as long as I don't was the news, or sports, or read the scores on Yahoo or MSN, etc.