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Reality setting in. Rutgers started its Big 10 schedule with a 24-3 loss to Iowa - and the game wasn’t even as close as the score indicate. ☹️

We’ll see about the Giants tomorrow night. Cowboys should be beatable without Dak. Their two wins have been a bit shaky, but still better than two shaky losses.

GB - Tampa should be a decent game today. Bucs favored by 1 I think.
Go Giants!

The only time I don't like the Giants is when they play Green Bay.

The only time I don't like the Cowboys is always.
Two shaky wins, and now one very shaky loss. ☹️ Giants have been without an offensive line for way too long, and apparently they still are. Seems like there were more Cowgirls in Giants’ backfield then there were Giants. Jones needs to get the ball out faster, but it’s hard to judge him without any protection.

I’m not disheartened by the loss, as this is a turn the corner year. I’ll take a 8-9 year, or even a 7-10 if they show signs of being competitive.

congrats to Packers. Good win for them.
Well you couldn't do the job against the Cowboys last week and this week you have another team I hate, the Bears. Let's try and do better , okay?

We'll be playing each other in London next week and the notorious slacker Paul hasn't even given us an invite to stay at his house. I always knew you couldn't count on that guy.
We'll be playing each other in London next week and the notorious slacker Paul hasn't even given us an invite to stay at his house. I always knew you couldn't count on that guy.
I think we should just go and surprise him. I know he’d be ecstatic to see us. 🙄

We should even stay a few extra weeks. With the current exchange rate and not having to pay for a hotel, it could be a reasonably cheap trip. 👍🏼
Not looking too promising for the Suds Guys.

And the Packers have their work cutout for them this week. 🙄😁 Not even sure if Blue has a QB they can suit up (not that they had much of one in the first place).
Geez, Cheese Boys 8.5 pt favorites over G Men! 😳

Do they think Jones isn’t gonna play? Do they think he’ll play, but he’ll be hobbled? Or do they just not care if he plays or not? Lol.

I’ll take the points. 👍🏼
They needed OT last week with a 9.5 spread.
Once again the line is not a true gauge of what the experts think the outcome will be, but a point that can get the most bettors on both sides. A lot of Packers fans are probably buying SB tickets already as well.
Not surprised at all really, the Packers could be 1-4 right now with about two more plays going against them. I believe Rodger's contract is a burden to the team. It's a choose your poison situation.
Giants are dogs again this week against the Ravens. +5.5. Guess nobody’s convinced about them yet - including me, lol. However, it certainly is refreshing to see them on the right track after years of mediocrity (worse than mediocre actually).

Cheesemen 7 pt favorites over Jets. Not so sure about that one. Jets actually aren’t bad, and Packers still need to prove they’re actually good. Rodgers two batted passes on a game tying drive inside the ten is a pretty rare sight.

I’d take Jets +7. Not sure on the Giants game though. They could actually win the game outright, or get completely blown out. Guess that’s why they play the games. 😁
5-1 Giants. 👍🏼 I’m riding it until the wheels come off. 😁

It’s do or die for me Yanks tonight. Bullpen is their weak link, and it looks to be a bullpen game tonight. Hopefully the bats will come alive. 🤞🏼

Sorry about the Packers. It’s still early, but they’re not inspiring a lot of confidence.
Yanks move on to ALCS! :thumbs up: Good days for NY sports, although not sure how long it will last. Yanks have their work cut out in Houston. Giants keep winning, but are shaky. Basketball... we'll skip that for now, lol.