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Yanks move on to ALCS! :thumbs up: Good days for NY sports, although not sure how long it will last. Yanks have their work cut out in Houston.
My optimism is being tempered by what appears to be a better team. I always said you’re not out of a series until you lose at home, but The Yanks appear overmatched so far despite the relative closeness of the games. Back in the Bronx tomorrow with Cole on the mound, so we’ll see where that goes. 🤞🏼

Giants underdogs again… to Jacksonville. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Yeah, the Packers are bad, not just from a Packer fan standpoint, but from an NFL fan standpoint. I have to watch other NFL games to take the bad taste out of my mouth and remind me what good football looks like.
Giants are underdogs again. +3.5 pts in Seattle. They COULD win this game, but not sure they will. Cross country travel and a stadium that’s pretty hard for a road team. 😬

i think I read Daniel Jones leads the league in 4Q comebacks this year. Who’d a thunk? Of course nearly all of their wins have been 4Q comebacks, so…

Packers +8 vs Bills IN Buffalo. Based on the way GB has played, I’m GIVING the points on this one.
Thought I heard on the radio this morning that the Giants-Seahawks game is the only game this week with two teams with winning records. 😳

Guess that shows the state of the NFL these days. I’m all for parity. I mean we all want our team to have a shot. But doesn’t it also lead to mediocrity?
Get to see the Giants twice this week. I can’t tell you how badly I want them to beat the Cowhands on T-Day. Although I suspect I’m in for disappointment. Probably should eat before the game, in case I lose my appetite.

First we need to get past the Lions though. 🤞🏼