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Note: This thread started in the Cakewalk forum and spiraled into old fart sports blather...

You Tri-State people don't get it:
Nets win.
Yankees lose.
Whalers - uh - Hurricanes win.

Paul, Ditto on the fight. Someone I know will buy it and tape it. Good enough for me.

Believe it or not, I'm going upstairs now to record and mix. Gotta get some time in before Pedro/Schilling:D
The Tyson freakshow hits the road again,ten years from now when the high pitched psycho has squandered his fortune we'll be able to see him for a buck biting off the heads of chickens in the circus geek show.
Nope,I don't see a George Foreman grill or any fast food endorsements in his future.
As far as the NBA and NHL their playoffs are longer than their seasons,I say we eliminate regular seasons alltogether and just start with the playoffs.;)
Endorsements for Tyson? Who knows? Foreman was a bit of a nasty-ass who reinvented himself...but I think Tyson will be dead or jailed again soon after his fighting days are over.

If the NHL regular season counted, the Bruins might have won something.....

Hey Acid, did you get my last PM - a novel I know. Hope you could wade thru it.
i just bought the fight on dish network. it cost $55.

i've been waiting for tyson vs. lewis for so many years i couldn't help but get it. as long as tyson doesn't go psycho it should be a great fight.

a guy who likes to attack against a guy who likes to counter-punch.

i'm going to go see spiderman at 3pm.
install my primacoustic panels at 6pm.
and have the fellas over at 9pm.
Hi Guys,

Good to see you all here, no more guilt about not mentioning Sonar in our posts!

I can't see Tyson reinventing himself he's thick as pig s**t and ten times uglier. I don't like Lewis very much either, he's not a nice guy. But I hope he whops Tyson, cos he's the greater of the two evils. I agree with you acidrock, well be able to see him for 2 cents in a circus very soon.

$55 dollars to see the fight, jeez, I thought it was a lot to ask $15 in the UK. But I still refused to subscribe.

So what about the Nets for Sunday night? Any bets going down here?

Crosstudio, seems like you got your weekend pretty much mapped, sounds like the perfect agenda to me.
Last night I went to see Monsters Ball. What a let down. Apart from the sex escenes the film was less than average. I came out wondering why they made it at all. Lots of "issues" but when I go to see a film, I want to be entertained not go on a bloody intellectual, racist, sexist, ageist journey through "no hope land".

I wanted to see Spiderman, where "real" world issues are confronted, but I got out-voted.:(

I live in a house full of females so I'm used to being outvoted. The rabbit used to be on my side but he died a while back so since then I've had to struggle on alone.

Talking on this forum keeps me sane, so you can see how desperate I am :D

Don't forget, USA play South Korea in the World Cup Mon Jun 10 2002, if they win, they go through to the finals (16 teams).
I had'nt been to a movie since...gasp ..Jurassic Park.I told my wife I wanted to go see Spiderman and she said yes!!!
I liked it a lot,but then I used to read a lot of comics when I was a kid.
Does your wife ever surprise you like when you ask for some gear and she says yes?
Lately she has'nt even been milking out the"guilt factor",I guess I'll keep her if she'll let me.
Sorry to say but the Nets are going to be the Lakers bitches once again,the east is so weak right now the Kings were all that was standing in the way of another championship for the Lakers.
As I see it the Nets better hope for some injuries cause luck aint gonna cut it.
Hey Chuck I got the pm I thought I sent you a reply,Ill try sending it again.:confused:
Spider-Man was very good. I confess to being a comic book junkie in my youth (which ended when I became a dad at the tender age of 37 - the comic book part, anyway). The screenplay was pretty faithful to the characters and events of the first 10 years of the comic book (as the big fight scene at the end actually took place in issue 122 - sorry, I know that just that knowledge makes me pretty pathetic.)

Rant of the day: Bad enough the Red Sox lose, but Fox ended coverage at game's end with the Yankees/Giants game still in the 9th inning. Hello? Pennant race....give us some bonus coverage!:mad:

Acidrock, still no PM. It's OK. Did you download the tune and did my sync info and lengthy story make sense to you? And no about the gear thing luckily. I married well in that account. The wife is very supportive of that stuff, and very low maintenance hersef in the toy category :)

Gotta do the lawn.
Well, all my American Friends are tucked up in bed, and I've just got up and I see Lewis won what is described as a good classic fight. Tyson even said nice things about Lewis , there's a first!

This concludes a great week for Britain. It was the National Golden Jubilee weekend last weekend, celebrating 50 years of the Queens reign so we were all given two days off work. There were gala celebrations everywhere, from the smallest villages with street parties to London. Brian May kicked off a Rock Concert at Buckingham Palace in friont of 15,000 people and a worldwide audience of 2 billion. He stood on the roof of the Palace and played the National Anthem. The equivelent would be The Boss playing on top of the White House. Over 1 million people were outside Buckingham Palace watching the event on huge screens.

A star studded line up incl. Paul McCartney, Clapton, Phil Collins and Joe Cocker gave some memorable live performances .

Then England beat Argentina in the World-cup which bought the country to a standstill (except Scotland, they support whoever plays England, they still don't forgive us for Cromwell, 1660 and the Act of Union in 1707).

And now Lewis beating Tyson tops the week.

Chuck, you gotta get your lady better trained. Mine does the lawns (we got 4 of em, 5 until last year) and the digging and the weeding. I do the design and the planting. My neighbours all wonder how I got her trained like that. I tell em she came programmed that way. I think I might keep her as long as she tells me I can;) She's been telling me I can stay for 24 years now so I guess I must be doing something right!

Acidrock, I have to sneak gear in, mine doesn't undertand why an AWE 64 and a $5 microphone doesn't make me sound like Frank Sinatra. I'm trying to figure how to bring in a 12 channel mixing desk and new monitor speakers without her noticing. Its Fathers Day next Sunday in the UK and I'm angling for the monitors. Only Yammies cos of restricted space but still $300+ and better than the crappy PC speakers I have now.

I'm aiming for Spiderman tonight, but some decorating has to be done today, I might do a trade off.

Gotta go, breakfast is calling me. See ya!
Chuck,I got your message I'm just a little behind.Lately I've been busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest.
The part I left out about getting gear was that I usually do some major sucking up before I spring the question.Obvious?Hell yeah but if thats what it takes and it works...
Which is why I am so busy,what with fathers day being my last personal gain holiday for awhile its suck up city for awhile.
Paul,you know maybe if you did the lawn once in awhile.......
Crosstudio,what was better Spiderman or the fight?
My pay per veiw nightmare was a tyson fight quite a few years back,I forget who the opponent was,we had gotten everything setup(beer,snacks,etc)and people were just showing up as the main event started.
BAMM!!Tyson knocks the guy out twenty second into the first round,PARTY OVER!:(
Paul I've gotta ask,Ive just seen interviews with Keith Richards and Ozzy Osbourne and I could'nt understand a word they said.
What I was wondering is that in America we speak english,what language do you speak over there in England?:confused:
I think it was one of yours who said that Britain and the USA were "Two nations divided by a common language":)

Keith Richards is suffering from years of substance abuse and Ozzie comes from my home city of Birmingham and speaks "Brummigum". And he has been known to partake of the odd substance or two, so it just makes it even more difficuilt to understand him.;)

Yeah, maybe I'll try your advice and do a little suck up . It seems like it might be a wise move. I'm racking up the Brownie points though this weekend cos I am into some major re-decorating work at home and yesterday gave the go ahead for some wooden flooring she was going crazy over (It makes acoustic guitars sound great!). So I expect great things this coming Fathers Day. Other than that, Its not my birthday till September so no other opportunities for selfish self centered gain :D

And she says yes to Spiderman tomorrow night!!

Shit, its just like Christmas:)
Well I found my way to the Cave. First time here, actually. Since I do have other interests besides music (they would be - in no special order - women, drinking and sports) I guess I should come here more often.

Sad to say you are probably right about the Nets, acidrock. However, its still been a fun ride, considering that they've been in NJ for 25 something years and this is the first time they've gotten past the 2nd round of the playoffs. First two games were like a layup clinic for the Lakers.

Shame about Fox, Chuck, as you missed a great Barry Bonds/Mariano Rivera confrontation - which ended with Rivera striking out Bonds. Unfortunately, though, the Yanks still lost the game (on a squibbler to 2nd base that Soriano misplayed). However, thanks to Schilling they didn't lose any ground to the hated Sox. :)

Paul, you really need the SB Live and a $10 mic if you want to sound like Sinatra.

And speaking of the Boss, you might be interested to know I used to go see him in local clubs in the years before he relased Greetings from Asbury Park. His band was called Steelmill and they were awesome. We used to look at each other and go, "why isn't this guy famous?" His talent was that obvious, even then.

Btw, I watched the Osbourne show *once* to see what all the buzz was about. Sorry, but I'm still clueless.
Paul, I used the "two nations divided only by a common language" comment on you in the forum we used to use :)
I thought I was quoting Churchill, no?

Oh, the lawn thing. Mama was always the first string lawn caretaker of the household, but this year she's using that "pregnancy" excuse...

I'm going to a family gathering today (lots of fight fans). I'm sure I can score a tape of the fight. Sounds like it was a good one.

I'll root for the Nets, Mike, but you and I are gonna have a long Yankee/Red Sox summer - at least until the Sox go in the tank.
at least until the Sox go in the tank.
Hmmmm... could that be happening already? I see the D'backs took it to them again today. Can you say "sweep?" You wouldn't happen to be hearing any footsteps, would you, Chuck? :)

Ahh, well since you're rooting for the Nets tonight, I'll take that back. (And also on account of the Yankees are getting the D'backs and Randy Johnson tomorrow.)

Paul, do I have this right? England beats Nigeria on Wed. and they are in the second round? Next round is sudden death, right? Lose and you're out?
Paul - I need a futbol (soccer) education.

In the World Cup first round from each group of 4 teams, two teams will advance to the second round. However it's not clear to me how they break ties (i.e., teams with the same records).

For ex., in the US bracket, right now you have:

US 1-0-1
So Korea 1-0-1
Portugal 1-1-0
Poland 0-2-0

On Friday So Korea plays Portugal, and the US plays Poland. If both the US and So Korea lose, the standings would be as follows:

Portugal 2-1-0
So Korea 1-1-1
US 1-1-1
Poland 1-2-0

How will it be decided between the US and Korea as to which team advances?

In the meantime, the Nets finally managed to show up for a game last night - and they still lost. :( :( :(
Mike, I think goal differential will decide it, but being an American, I revel in my ignorance of Soccer....

Now, to the news. Apparently, two people were killed in Russia due to rioting after the Russian loss to Japan. Also, there were incidents of violence on Japanese people in Russia, as well as Vietnamese (I guess they all look alike). And you KNOW this is not the end of soccer hooliganism this month.

We get this "Ugly American" rap over here, but I don't recall any rioting in ST. Louis after the Super Bowl loss this year...

Even if the US somehow got to the World Cup final and lost (yeah, I know, and the Nets are going to win four straight), the largest public safety threat would be the great amount of carbon monoxide introduced in the atmosphere from the American public's collective sighs of indifference...
LOL, Chuck.

One correction though, the gas introduced by the collective sigh of indifference would be Carbon Dioxide.
(Sorry, but I used to work in the industrial gas business.)

And, BTW, there was no rioting after the Super Bowl because, after all, it was St. Louis and New England, and therefore, did anyone actually care who won? :)
dachay2tnr said:
LOL, Chuck.

One correction though, the gas introduced by the collective sigh of indifference would be Carbon Dioxide.
(Sorry, but I used to work in the industrial gas business.)
No, carbon MONoxide because we'll all have our cars running, too.;)
Geez, all that work and I didn't even get my greenhouse gas joke right. Must be Monday.
And, BTW, there was no rioting after the Super Bowl because, after all, it was St. Louis and New England, and therefore, did anyone actually care who won? :) [/B]
Yeah? Well what football team does New Jersey have, huh? Doh!!!
Yeah? Well what football team does New Jersey have, huh? Doh!!!
Actually we have BOTH the Giants and the Jets. (Which, I might note, is where you stole your coach from. :D )

Unfortunately both teams are too embarassed to admit they play here.
Chuck, one of the mysteries of life to me is how you guys go watch sport and eat things called "hot-dogs", what we call Frankfurthers. Jeez, I can forgive you McDonalds but never Hot dogs.:)

Rioting is a way of life for the rest of the world. You guys carry guns, we all riot.:)

And it will be goal difference that decides the two final places from each group. And if they are equel, it will be the team that scored the most goals.

You get three points for a win, one point for a draw and none for losing. As it is, all the US have to do against Poland is draw and they are through to the next round. They played well in todays game but allowed Korea to come back into it.
Paul, Americans started calling Frankfurters "Hot Dogs" during World War I as part of anti-German sentiment. Hamburgers "Salisbury Steak" (maybe the Brits took the lead on that one?), then Hamburgers again. Also, apparently what we call French Toast here was originally called German Toast - according to my college history class.
Ironic that then (and now) Germans are the largest ethnic group in the US.

I thought about watching US vs. S. Korea, but 2:30 am start time, LOL...

Mike the "Doh!" was a reference to the Meadowlands - like "Oh yeah, that's in Jersey." And yeah, the Belichik for Parcells deal (I know, not really) looks good right now...

BTW, good explanation in the Cakewalk forum about Real time effects/Input Monitoring. I kept scratching my head because I KNEW you could use real time effects in PA9, even though I seldom used PA9 for audio.