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    DAW Users With ADD

    Thanks both, great to hear from you and yes, I got my internet privilege's back once I had convinced the judge that I was no longer a threat to society!:-) I retired at the end of December 2020 and since then we've been busy finishing the house refurbishment and my studio that I had to put on...
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    DAW Users With ADD

    Hello you two, still on here blathering on I see! In this weird world, it's good to know that low standards are being maintained here... :P :-)
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    DAW Users With ADD

    Hi Boyz, what can I say. It was the best day of our lives. Weather was perfect, everything went so well so it was worth the wait and the detailed planning. Although I can only say that with hindsight of course.:) Here's a picture of the bride and her chief bridesmaid; I'll post a couple more...
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    Beautiful Nightmare

    I would appreciate your comments on this young female singer's track "Beautiful Nightmare," particularly the mix and mastering. Thanks :) Paul
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    New track - "My Friend"

    Okay guys, here is a track that my daughter, Becki, wrote about her best friend who lost her Father a few years back. Its called "My Friend" Recorded at home last weekend, Sonar 6 PE, AT 4040 mic, Lexicon reverb, Waves Compresser, NI Akoustik Grand...
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    Appreciate song feedback

    Guys, I would be interested in your feedback on the "Shine a light" track that I wrote to showcase the singers voice. Pop/country/easy listening style. Simple music arrangement - vocal and acoustic guitar at this stage. :)
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    Shine a light

    I would appreciate some feedback on this song that I wrote for easy listening/country style and performed by Becki. Thanks. :)
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    Need a voicing for G13 Add 9

    Please help! I need a fingering TAB for the above chord. Somewhere I guess around the 10th Fret. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? I have tried my usual Chord directories. Thanks :)
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    Albino3 works in HS2004 but not Sonar 5

    Can anyone suggest why Albino3 loads in HS2004 but crashes Sonar5? :confused:
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    HS2004 crashes

    This has been happening for a few months now. I have a large collection of VSTi/DXi synths. I notice when I load up a particularly large sample/loop from the library, HS 2004 crashes and I get the dreaded Microsoft Send/Don't send error message. Instinctively, I feel it is a virtual memory...
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    VST Wrapper 4.5.1 problems

    I have just up issued the latest patch and now when I load certain Dxi synths like Atmosphere or Battery, the instrument does not appear in the Fx box in track view in HS2004. I don't know if it is coincidence or not? The device loads okay and plays okay - it just doesn't list it in the fx box...
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    Re-setting Sonar-s VST plugin directory

    Question: I was having some problems installing Atmosphere and when Sonar couldn't find it, Sonar asked me if i wanted to delete reference to it from its schedule/memory/register. Stupidly, I checked "yes". So now, with Atmosphere nicely installed correctly, no matter how I run the vst...
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    Constant drop out using Sir 1010

    Does anyone else have this problem? Cannot use it at all, I have my i/o buffer set at 512 and even if my ASIO panel is set for 2048 dma buffer size (46mSec latency) it still can't play. Its the only vst that has this effect on my DAW :confused: Any suggestions?
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    Maximising soft synth usage in Sonar

    Can anyone please tell me how I can maximise/optimise my softsynth usage/Dxi instruments in Sonar/HS 2004? Is it too much to expect to load patches in real-time whilst playing without glitches? CPU usage is never more than 35%. After opening Stylus RMX, Kontakt and Absynth 3 in seperate tracks...
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    Offset attenuation left and right channels

    Not really a Sonar problem but hey, I know there's enough brain power on this forum to solve my problem. I have a Delta 66+omni. If I plug my geetar in the left hand (channel 1) I get a 6db attenuation of the right hand channel - the right hand channel is quieter. If I then plug my geetar in...