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    Hamburger Helper

    Is far more awesome when you don't stir as often, turn up the heat a little higher, and let the bottom caramalize and stick to the pan a bit. /prime time friendly post! J/k not here to cause trouble.
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    Move a Few Select Note Events to Another Track

    New to logic. Accustomed to accomplishing this in other programs using the piano roll and pen tool to select the notes I want, copying and then pasting into the piano roll of another track. When I attempt to do this in logic, the paste function in the piano roll of the destination track is...
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    Time to Elevate: Hip-Hop Resists Terror and War

    Time to Elevate: Hip-Hop Resists Terror and War The Hip-Hop generation is poised to take on added importance after 9-11. Can activists and artists of color lead the generation through the crisis? The biggest news in hip-hop this past summer had to do with beefs, all kinds of them, with...
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    Jesus Cut His Hair

    Jesus cut his hair Went to sunday school Oh but even there He was ridiculed Jesus cut his hair Just to be human knowing then and there he'd never rise again Jesus cut his hair the locks of his ruin fell in the barber chair got swept up with a broom Jesus cut his hair it was a mortal wound...
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    Random synth sound I want to track.

    I think this is in the right forum...I not really a keyboard midi man synth dude...just a guit player.. Anyway, what makes that whirling gizmo like singing sound that is used in the beach boys' 'good vibrations' and what is my best bet at getting that sound into my DAW for a recording? Is it...
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    The Reference CD dilema

    Ok.....This how I saw it and this is how I'm seeing it now Before I started to record music I used to think that one's own style and influences was soley in terms of song structure, the types of chord progressions one writes, the types of licks one plays, the types of lyrics one writes...
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    I just started using fruity loops and for whatever reason I can't seem to figure out how to load my own samples into the program, assuming that this is possible how is it done??? Pardon my ignorance. I just downloaded a couple of pretty cool accoustic samples that are wave files. I should be...
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    Instruments playing the melody

    How you guys feel about an instrument , say piano guitar or strings etc etc playing the melody line in a song as opposed to outright soloing............ My opinion is that for me, it can be great sometimes...Especially since I'm influenced by alot of folk type melodies where this is common...
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    Dag nabbit squirrels in my computer again

    I dunno where this belongs.....Maybe Newbies? who knows? It involves cakewalk so I'm putting it here.......Some squirrels got into my computer somehow and changed all my settings around on just about every damn program...... I turned on Cakewalk today......And it prompted me to select a midi...
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    Alright I know i'm pulling a "webcyan" ever hear of this? So shoot me!

    Alright, this is a dorky webcyanesque post.........Ever hear of a band called built to spill? ofcourse you have Anyway, they have this song that I've just heard.....It was released in 1999 I I know I'm behind in the times by appox.. three years cause I just heard it....Anyway, It's...
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    Tempo Changes

    Hello peeps, I would like to address this question primarily to those who are programming their own drum beats to rock n roll type music....Using drum machines, soundfounts and sequencers etc etc...........However, I welcome anyones opinion ofcourse :) Typically, How often are you using...
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    giving those "homeless" words a home in a song

    For me, The hardest thing about righting songs is getting both the music I want and the lyrics I want to come together at the same time...........I've got tons of staff paper with the right music........and I've got notebooks full of the right words but they are "homeless" cause they ain't got...
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    Analog4 Postcard

    Oops this was supposed to be a reply to Analogs song "Postcard"........... I hit new thread by mistake and then proceeded to type all this so I'm not going to type it all again as a reply to his thread, where it belongs....... Sorry it took me so long to give it a listen, I kinda forgot :eek...
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    Couple O' Times

    A short simple little diddy called a "Couple 'O Times" He stood in the river of time Dusted off the fiddle he kept in his mind Wondered what the puzzle should look like as He stood in the river of life and he said........ A couple of times I made gold of hay I remembered my lines and knew...
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    "To compress or not to compress" that is the question

    OK, you Compress on the way in (while tracking), compress only after tracking, do both, or don't compress at all.. ............Aaaaaaaahh! I try all of these out and by the end of my session I can't even tell what the frig im listening to anymore (you know the ears equivelent of the eye...