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  • I would just like you to know that your Cave threads are the only ones in there that I enjoy anymore!
    I have some amazing memories of a bicycle trek that started in NYC, went south through Jersey to Camden, then across the bridge to Philly. Then up through Quakertown and back through Jersey where we crossed the GW bridge back to NYC and were pretty close to home. Two of the 5 adventurers were from the Bronx, the rest from Manhattan. Five days in all. We camped out wherever we could with gear carried on the bikes.
    I have it on good authority that noisewreck is actually a witchdoctor. Tread lightly around that lad.
    if you get a chance Nave can you give that snare another listen to?

    much appreciated if you can...if you cant then sod off :D
    "You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to nave again"

    cheers for listening and the comments mate :)
    No cheatin', dude. If you have another point to make (or correction) make another post. Don't go back and edit the original unless it's spelling or punctuation. I read it once. I shouldn't have to read it again.

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