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    Looking for the right motherboard. Need help/suggestions please.

    Hi everyone, first post in over 10 years... I'm looking for a motherboard that supports socket 1151 6th gen i7 6700k that has thunderbolt 3 or a thunderbolt header on the motherboard that would let me run a thunderbolt card in the pci slot. Does such a thing exist? Thanks for taking the time...
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    New mix contest (rock)

    Would anybody out there be interested in a mix contest that focused around a whole 12 track album? I've recently had to move and give up my studio, the last album recorded there was by a band called Soulcircus, it's 12 tracks, recoreded into cubase 5. Each song has about 20 tracks of drums...
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    FS: Yamaha N12 Digital mixing Consol (UK)

    Yamaha N12 digital firewire mixer, integrates with Cubase 4/5 2 years old, mint condition boxed with PSU £650 I'm in Scotland near Glasgow if you want to come and view it I'll ship to anywhere in the UK email Alex
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    UK Studio clearout on ebay

    Yamaha N12, Cubase 5, UAD-1, mics, headphone amp, etc UK STUDIO CLEAROUT Have a look
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    Full album (12 tracks) ...pull it apart

    Here it is, the last album (and recording) ever to be made at Lemontree Studio. I'm moving out on Friday. Recorded and mixed over 5 days with a bare bones setup, equipment list is in my signature. SOULCURCUS - HARD TIMES Wouldn't mind getting some feedback on it, any questions just fire away...
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    Bowing out without a song (fond farewell)

    Wasn't sure where to put this post to be honest. After 7 and a bit years on this site and almost 15 recording years, 22 playing live I probably know most people I know on here from the rep point thread and thought this is where I might find most of them. I just wanted to say I've had a complete...
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    Dirty Sweet Wrecking Machine

    Never recorded distorted bass before and wasn't really sure what to do with it in the mix. Had a lot of input from the band I was recording on this session and they are delighted with the results. Not so sure maself. I'm doing 10 hour sessions for £75 these days ($113)..hey, there's a recession...
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    Latest recording (rock n roll band)

    I think the lead guitar might need some automation in's the one on the left. Apart from that I'm quite happy with it. Any thoughts? Soul Circus - Hard Times Dropbox one click link to stream 320 kbs MP3
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    So I done a free recording......

    ......trying to generate some business by offering 1 song sessions for free to new bands/artists using my studio. This young lad came in and played scratch guitar and vocals to a click, layed down the drums then the bass then the electric guitar then redone the acoustic and the vocals. 3 hour...
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    New song/mix, ready for mastering?

    Had a version of this up a while ago but decided to rerecord it after pulling most of my hair out. I think I've got everything sitting where I want it. There's NOTHING on the 2 bus as yet, it's part of a 10 track album, this being the first to make it to the "finnished" stage. I'm quite pleased...
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    Finished mix for new album

    Been working on a 12 track album for my own band for the past couple of months...a day here and there. Got guitars n vocals on this one tonight, it's the first of the 12 to be completed. Tired ears etc, etc will warent a new mix tomorrow. Just want to know if there's anything BAD sticking out...
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    Punk as F**K...and drunk as f**k

    title says it all. We're in rehersals jamming new material from our forthcoming album but all we do is get shit faced and hit record. We liked the energy of this although we were equaly as drunk when we mixed it down. Got a bit carried away with our new lexicon native reverb plugs as I'm sure...
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    First Acoustic drums recording (with bass)

    After 3 years of pulling my hair out with Roland V-Drums and superior drummer I finnaly moved into a place with no neighbours where I can set up an acoustic kit. The drum room is by no means ideal, measuring 12' x 12' with a 7'9" ceiling. So far I've built 4 corner traps all 4' in height and...
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    From XP to win7x64 memory problem with UAD cards?

    I've just switched from 32 bit XP pro to windows 7 64 bit. On my old system I had 4GB of Ram installed. Due to the memory limitations of 32bit XP and having 2 UAD-1 cards instaled my system reported 2.75GB of RAM After upgrading to 64bit windows 7 I thought I would have reclaimed some Ram...
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    A song about the war

    We wrote this when Bush and Blair were in power at the height of the gulf war. I've no idea how to describe this really. Decided to record it today, we used to play it live with a sampler for the voices of bush & tony blair. Live take of drums, bass, guitar/vocal with a couple of guitar...