From XP to win7x64 memory problem with UAD cards?


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I've just switched from 32 bit XP pro to windows 7 64 bit.

On my old system I had 4GB of Ram installed. Due to the memory limitations of 32bit XP and having 2 UAD-1 cards instaled my system reported 2.75GB of RAM

After upgrading to 64bit windows 7 I thought I would have reclaimed some Ram back. However, opening task manager shows 4GB Total Ram, 2.8GB useable Ram.

Have I just forked out for windows 7 to reclaim 0.05GB?

Motherboard is an Asus P5Q running a Q6600, 2 x 2GB of OZC Reaper PC8500

Will I see the advantage if I drop in another 2 x 2GB of Ram or is there a problem somewhere? The memory checks out fine with memcheck.

I'm puzzled.


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I posted this on GS also:

"Hardware reserved 1281MB"

That's what your system's hardware needs reserved, changing to 7 wont have any effect on that. Any hardware device with memory (video cards, UAD etc) will need space for it's memory reserved in the physical system memory. Just drop in 4 more gigs, memory is cheap