Dirty Sweet Wrecking Machine


Suck 'em and see!
Never recorded distorted bass before and wasn't really sure what to do with it in the mix. Had a lot of input from the band I was recording on this session and they are delighted with the results. Not so sure maself.

I'm doing 10 hour sessions for £75 these days ($113)..hey, there's a recession on over here.

1 hour set up, 6 hours recording & 3 hours mixing doing 3 songs in a session

Dirty Pretty Wrecking Machine

Anyone else trying to pay the bills at this game?


Energy of the intro distorted bass and drums opens the way for the energy that just keeps flowing throughout to the very end!

Listening on the headphones the distorted bass was a bit tamer sounding..but I preferred the not so tame sound through my monitors!

The distortion on the guitar reminds me of a gutter box..:D

Vocals are down and dirty...

Love the quick last scream as the song ends...suddenly.

Overall song is a dirty-sweet-wrecking machine.

Man, the energy in this song is awesome! Song has a live performance feel to it....that rare one, where everything is tight and magical...this is rock and roll as it should be...badass-tight, loosey-goosey feel-good, rock-down energy!

None of the little imperfections matter..or even noticed in performance or production, cause the magic catches you up in it's energy.

Personally, I wouldn't change a thing...I'm sure there will be others who hear it differently than I.

Kudos to this Lemon..You've managed to capture the wild bird without grounding it...I understand why the band is delighted.


Nature of Force
I really can't comment on the distorted bass. It's weird, like I can't tell if it's good or bad. It seems to work in the mix though. Alright song.


Hat STYLE. Not contents.
I like the distorted bass. It's a good sound. Similar in role to Muse but with more definition.

I think the snare and kick could probably stand to be louder.

I felt like the band wasn't fully together up through the first verse; there might have been some slight timing glitches. Afterwards though, it was tight.

Cool song overall.