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    Envelope filter/follower

    I've had several of these things, but never one I've really liked. The ones I've had had decay/closeout curves that were hard to manage, introduced weird whistly harmonics, had irritating resonance peaks, had slow recovery time, etc. What I am looking for would have that "buck" sound on...
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    Californication guitar

    My wife and I are watching the DVD's of the HBO series Californication, and about midway in the first season, Duchovny's character takes his daughter into a music store to buy her a guitar, and a guy is in there trying to sell a vintage Gibson, but the store owner won't meet his price. The...
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    Very cool guitar (Alembic content)
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    OT - I Love You, Man

    Saw it last night. It was a bit sappy, but the friend had some really nice gear in his mancave.
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    Anyone else getting a spam attack "from" Line 6?

    Someone has apparently hacked Line 6's system. So far I've gotten something on the order of 800 emails of their March newsletter from them today (Fri 3/20), all timestamped today at 7:58 am, and they are still coming in. I've got them diverted to the trash, but I still have to empty it. Is...
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    Blatty Deluxe Reverb

    Hey, guys. I have a '65 BF Deluxe Reverb that sounds really sweet, mostly. Lately (I don't know how lately; I have just started noticing it) it's been going sort of "blattt" when I play the low E string on my guitar a bit hard. It happens on either channel, and my Strat and Les Paul both do it...
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    Tacoma 5 string fretless

    I have played Tacoma 4 string fretted basses, and Tacoma in general gets good reviews, so I ordered a 5 string fretless. I have to say that I am a bit disappointed. It looks as if they started with a 4 string fretted neck without the frets, filled in the fret slots, and cut a 5 string nut for...
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    Modulo bass Weird pickup ass'y. It's four Danelectro pickups rotated 90 degrees, one under each string. I'm assuming that two of them are RPRW for humbucking. I heard one of these the other night and it sounded pretty good. I had to go up to the stage to get a...
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    Acoustic bass

    I'm shopping for an acoustic bass guitar for campfires and back porches. From what I can see on line, a Michael Kelly Club Deluxe 5 string is looking pretty good to me. Whaddya think?
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    SVT vintage?

    How can I find out the vintage of my SVT? It has two channels, with "bright" and "normal" inputs for each channel. The left channel has one more EQ control (mids) than the right, and there are rocker switches up over the tone controls on both channels.
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    Buzz Feiten method - Real Deal or Snake Oil?

    Anyone out there have any experience with it? Testimonials?
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    Earthworks KickPad?

    I read about this in another thread - has anybody in here got one of these gizmos (Earthworks KickPad)? How well does it work?
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    Kick drum mic on a budget

    I need to add a kick drum mic to my locker. I've been renting a Shure Beta 52, and it's OK; I can get one for a bit less than $200. What else should I be considering in that price range (or below)?
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    Strat pups

    Does anyone here have experience with Kinman noiseless pickups? I'm thinking about retrofitting my Strat with them.
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    LDC vs SDC

    A question for you more experienced recordists - In general, when is it better to use a large diaphragm condenser mic, and when is it better to use a small diaphram one, and when does it not make any diff? I'm on the cheap here, so specifically, I am talking about SP B1's vs C4's. I am well...