Envelope filter/follower


Crystal Flavolian
I've had several of these things, but never one I've really liked. The ones I've had had decay/closeout curves that were hard to manage, introduced weird whistly harmonics, had irritating resonance peaks, had slow recovery time, etc. What I am looking for would have that "buck" sound on stacatto notes and a long smooth decay on sustained notes. If you're familiar with Jerry Garcia's guitar sound on the studio recording of "Estimated Prophet", that's what I am looking for. Suggestions?


Disenfranchised Member
Jerry used a Mutron III and a Mutron Octive Divider on Estimated and Shakedown Street.

I think Cats Under The Stars is just octave divider.

I'd check out Foxrox for octave dividers.

I've read numerous places that Zappa preferred the Oberheim envelope filter.

Try a search for the Moog MF-101.

If you want to get really crazy check out the Electro-Harmonix Bi-Filter. Bob Weir is using one in his rig with Furthur. It's a bit high-end focused but maybe that's the way he is setting it up.